Swedish Practitioners Clarify the Truth in the Chinese quarter in Rome, Italy

Thursday 27th September, 2001

A group of us Swedish practitioners travelled to Rome, Italy to participate in a Falun Gong rally. When we arrived at our hostel in Rome, we realised that we were situated in the middle of the Chinese quarter in Rome. We saw Chinese restaurants everywhere. Suddenly we understood our purpose to be here.

The next morning we went to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and set up materials to reveal the truth about Falun Gong in both English and Chinese. Although we could not speak Italian, nor did we have any literature in Italian, many people still read the information carefully. We could communicate with each other in simple English and French. Many people showed sympathy towards the Falun Gong practitioners. There were also Chinese people who came to read the materials. But some were reluctant to talk much with us. Even though we met a few Chinese who accepted our leaflets.

When we started demonstrating the exercises, there was an elderly Italian man who stood for two hours watching us. When we finished all five sets of exercises, he said, “I must reveal this persecution to everyone that I know. Italy is a democratic country. During the Second World War, I helped many people. Now I am willing to help you.” He also left us his contact number. A few minutes afterwards, he was quarrelling loudly in Italian with two Chinese youths. We came to ask him what happened. He said that he was only asking the Chinese to translate to him what was displayed on the boards. But he was told that the persecution described was not true. The elderly man questioned the Chinese, “I know all these are true. Why would you cheat me?! Why are you afraid to let me know the truth?! This is democratic Italy, and people have rights to know what has been happening in China.” Upon hearing these words, we deeply felt the importance of telling people the truth. Only when people know about the truth can their kindness be revealed, which is what the evil fears the most.

The next morning we went to the park early. Next to us there were two groups of people practising Tai-Chi. When our music started many people were attracted. There was a young fellow who was a bit shy at first, but with our encouragement he learned the first two exercises. Then there were three more Italian people who just finished practising their Tai-Chi. They came to ask us about Falun Gong. When they heard that there would be a whole day’s activities in the park, they said joyfully, “That’s great. We will try our best to come.”

At about 4pm, an Italian lady and the youth who learned the first two exercises came to join us again. They both said they would come the next morning to continue learning the rest of the exercises.

During the day’s activities we noticed a significant change. Those Chinese who did not want to communicate with us first started to chat to us naturally. They raised some questions for us to answer. Some even knew friends who practised Falun Gong in China and who are now being persecuted. They knew Falun Gong quite well. Many were surprised to find Falun Gong in Rome. They expressed their sympathy towards us. We then understood that we should use all opportunities available to clarify the truth to the Chinese people abroad, in hope to eliminate the evil interference in their minds so that they are able to position themselves well in the future.

By Swedish practitioners

Translated from http://www.yuanmingeurope.net/articles/1657.html

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