Visiting ClearHarmony

A few days age, I received an e-mail. It suggested that we (European practitioners) focus more on ClearHarmony (Yuanming) rather than ClearWisdom (MingHui). I thought about this, and it seemed reasonable. After all, we should support the European website, since we cultivate in Europe. Also, all activities held in Europe would be published on this website.

That day, I went to the computer and logged on to the internet. After checking my e-mails, I went to ClearWisdom. I read some of the articles/reports, and then went to Pureinsight. Later, I visited ClearHarmony.

Why was this? Perhaps, I was familiar with visiting ClearWisdom first? After thinking about it, I found that I wanted to visit ClearWisdom because there were more articles. More information was shared between practitioners.

In the article From Master to the Second Dafa Conference in Russia, Master Li says, “You should communicate with students in other countries often, encourage each other, and progress together with diligence.” How can we exchange ideas, understandings and improve together if we don’t use the means already available, ClearHarmony?

If all practitioners in Europe begin to submit articles and give priority to ClearHarmony, then we can indeed “progress together with diligence”.

I hope this article will help the progress of ClearHarmony, and further open the “channels” of communication between practitioners in Europe. Finally, please allow me to quote one of Master Li’s poems,
“Strive forward together,
A bright future lies ahead” (In Harmony With the Fa).

An Irish practitioner.

You are welcome to print and circulate all articles published on Clearharmony and their content, but please quote the source.