Poem: Within Calm’s Deep Silence

Upon lake’s still flatness, shines celestial light,
Within calm’s deep silence, words of Gods can sound;
Without man’s dark notions, thinking’s realm is bright,
Beyond man’s base clamour, Heaven’s voice is found.

Around fate’s still moment, wisdom’s clock revolves,
Outside time’s sure progress, Godly gestures shown;
About man’s crude design, perfect scheme evolves,
Before man’s thoughts of change, future’s past is known.

Above mud’s coarse surface, beauty’s flower glows,
Behind dawn’s grey mantle, resplendent angel hides;
Among man’s hard struggles, mighty virtue grows,
Amidst man’s blind slumber, true awakening bides.

Beneath Gods’ noble grace, boundless blessing rains,
Within man’s righteous thoughts, eternal hope remains.

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