It Is Not a Crime To Be Good People.

Several days ago, a non-practitioner friend told me that his work unit had organized a tour to Yesanpo, a suburb of Beijing. Seeing Falun Dafa statements all over the mountains and hills, he and his co-workers were very moved. Especially when he read "It is not a crime to be good people," he said "I was so moved that I almost cried." Then he told me, "Good people cannot understand why all these kind-hearted practitioners are being persecuted so cruelly. It is impossible for us to understand! You Falun Gong people are seen as heroes in everyone's hearts. Very admirable. You must keep on!"

His neighbours and friends all firmly stated: "The case of Falun Gong will be overturned," and once it is overturned, "We will all go to court to be witnesses," to testify as to how bad people nowadays are persecuting the practitioners who are their friends and neighbours.


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