Canada: Canadian Government Officials Report The Chinese Consulate's Distribution of Hate Propaganda to the Authorities

On September 3, several Falun Gong practitioners made a report to the police that the Chinese Consulate in Toronto had distributed and mailed propaganda materials to many government officials, legislators and other prominent people in society during the past four years. These materials were designed to defame and slander Falun Gong, which led Falun Gong practitioners to experience numerous cases of harassment, threats, and break-ins of their automobiles as well as personal assaults.

Practitioners reported similar incidents taking place in Ottawa to the local police. One practitioner reported that since August, numerous government officials and legislators in Ottawa had informed practitioners that they received propaganda materials from the Chinese Consulate in Toronto. All anti-Falun Gong propaganda material contained slander, accusations, and smearing contents.

Ottawa Falun Gong practitioners who were victimised have taken defencive action. They reported these incidents to the "hate crime" units of the police. They also requested the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to put to a stop to all activities aimed at inciting hatred and attacking Falun Gong by the Chinese Consulate officials. Members in charge within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised they would take necessary actions and demand that the Chinese Consulate cease such activities.

Canadian officials were disgusted by the Chinese Consulate's activities. Most officials just tossed Chinese propaganda into the garbage can. Some even sent them to the Falun Gong practitioners as evidence for future legal actions. Some officials suggested that Falun Gong practitioners should protect their rights and report such incidents to the police, seeking legal protection. One official even called the police to file a complaint. Distributing hate crime propaganda in Canada not only defames Falun Gong's reputation; it also damages the interests of the Canadian people and society.

One of the parliament legislators in Toronto said, "This kind of material could not convince me. Falun Gong is peaceful and non-violent. I have asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs to condemn the persecution against human rights in China. The tactics taken by the Chinese government are just another excuse for their persecution of Falun Gong."

Another Ontario legislator in Ottawa said, "I will tell the Chinese diplomats that I am not pleased by their adoption of such tactics in Canada."

A practitioner said, "Canada is a lawful country, and any activities inciting hate crimes are illegal and unlawful. The brutal persecution of Falun Gong instigated single handedly by Jiang, is completely based on lies and deceit. It is destined to fail. Right now while Jiang Zemin is facing legal actions worldwide, he still tries to stir up hatred through the Chinese foreign diplomatic e in order to cover up his undeniable crimes against humanity. No lies or hate propaganda could ever completely cover up his crimes."

The day before, deputies from the "hate crime" unit of the Ottawa police held their first meeting with Falun Gong practitioners. The deputies indicated that they have positively established that the propaganda sent by the Chinese Consulate qualifies as hate material. The deputies reported that they would conduct further investigations before determining their course of action.

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