Criminal Lawsuit filed in Finland Charging Luo Gan with Genocide

Breaking News

Luo Gan Faced a Criminal Lawsuit in Finland

European Falun Gong Practitioners Appeal during Luo Gan’s Visit to Finland

EFGIC: Criminal Lawsuit Filed in Finland Charging Head of Gestapo-like Agency in China with Crimes of Genocide, Torture

A Letter to the Newspaper “Keskisuomalainen” from the Falun Dafa Association of Finland

Visit from Chief Abuser of Human Rights Luo Gan

Dafa Practitioner tells Chief Persecutor Luo Gan: “Falun Dafa is Good!”

Many People in Finland learn the Truth about Falun Gong

Media Attention

"610 Office” Head Lou Gan Arrives in Finland and is Condemned by the Public and Media

“Radio Free Asia”: Falun Gong Practitioners file a Lawsuit Against Luo Gan in Finland

Finnish Newspaper “Lapin Kansa” Reports on Dafa Practitioners’ Appeal at the Rovaniemi Airport during Luo Gan’s Arrival

“Radio Free Asia”: Finnish People Dislike Luo Gan’s Human Rights Records

Article from Finnish Newspaper “Kaleva” about Chinese Criminal Luo Gan’s Visit to Finland

“AFI”: Falun Gong Practitioners File a Lawsuit Against Luo Gan in Finland

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