Australia: Practitioners Participate in St. Marys Spring Festival

With the music of "Pu Du" and "Ji Shi", Sydney practitioners started the fourth St. Marys City Spring Festival. The organisers showed great support for Falun Gong and took the initiative to let Falun Gong practitioners pick their stage performance time four months before the event.

Parade in St. Marys City
Falun Dafa information desk at St. Marys

Waist Drum performance at St. Marys parade

Falun Dafa banner in Baulkham Hills
Parade at Baulkham Hills

Falun Gong had half an hour to perform on the stage. The performance started with five peaceful Falun Gong exercises. Next was the elegant Tang Dynasty dance and "Dance of Spring". Both attracted a lot of attention. The "Symbolic Grand Trial" drama was also put on stage to expose the Jiang regime's evil to the mainstream of society. The audience carefully listened and thought about it. The truth-clarification materials were distributed quickly.

After the performance, the host gave Falun Gong practitioners high praise for bringing Chinese culture to the Australian people. The cloudy sky turned clear at this time.

The parade lasted over an hour. Four thousand copies of materials were distributed. When a practitioner handed the last copy about the lawsuit against Jiang to the director of the organising unit, she held the practitioner's hand tightly and said excitedly, "We appreciate Falun Dafa. Because of your contribution, we can make the Spring Welcome Festival better."

Around 6 PM, many practitioners drove to Baulkham Hills to participate in the Second Orange Festival Parade. Some practitioners had continuously participated in three Fa-promotion activities, but they were still energetic.

A few years ago, the local government of this area was deceived by the propaganda materials from the Chinese consulate and held biased opinions toward Falun Gong. They allowed us to participate in the parade but didn't permit us to distribute flyers along the way. We obeyed the government's rules and improved our performances and parade presentation, which changed the government officials' and residents' attitude toward Falun Dafa. This year, the local government took the initiative to suggest that they could introduce Falun Dafa during the parade. When our procession showed up in front of the people neatly and with a unique style, the host introduced Falun Dafa to the local residents. Falun Dafa practitioners also distributed a lot of flyers along the streets.

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