People Who Have Come to Know the Facts

Recently I felt very clearly the situation is changing, people’s hearts are changing, they are no longer numb and their hearts show their hopes for Dafa. Below are a few stories about clarifying the truth, stories similar to those listed below are happening more and more frequently recently. They are encouraging me more to follow Master’s words, “Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them.”

“We have come together through the hardest part of the road”

The other day I was pushing my child in the pram and climbed a hill near Strasbourg. When going back there was a bit of the path where it was very steep. A man from mainland China was very enthusiastic in helping me carry the pram to a much flatter part of the path and so we stopped at one of the side benches and started talking for a very long time. We talked about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident, the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China, Jiang’s crime against Falun Gong and read together the English version of “A Witness to History”. Knowing the truth, he happily said good-bye to me and also said that there will be flatter paths ahead and so I can still climb down the mountain without his help because we have already came together through the hardest part of the road. My heart was warmed as I listened to him. I felt that this was his knowing part that was speaking to me, expressing what I would also like to tell him.

“Come! Give him one as well!”

One day when I was clarifying the truth to a man from Xian, he asked me a lot of questions and I gave answers to every one of them. When I talked about why they still wrap someone up so tightly when they are burnt, he smiled and knew the truth to this lie. (This is a reference to the self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square) Later he said that the meeting time for the group was up and he had to go.

After a while when I was going to another part of the square to a tour group, I saw him there. He was just talking to another man and also kept on pointing in my direction. When he saw me, he pulled the other man with him and started coming nearer and said loudly, “Come! Give him one as well!” I immediately gave the leaflet to that man. Then, some other people from the tour group came over, surrounded us and asked what we were doing. Some also wanted materials from me but some didn’t. Then when I started telling the truth loudly to everyone, the man from Xian kept on getting other people and telling them to come and get a leaflet from me. So the materials that I had brought with me were soon gone. A lady regretted that she didn’t receive a leaflet from me and kept on asking me for one so I searched all the way through my bag and finally found one and gave it to her. Then she felt very satisfied, thanked me and went.

“I’ll help you hold the umbrella, you go and talk to them”

Today, I and some other practitioners went to a political parties meeting. The governor from the state made a speech and when he was half way through, it started raining. When I opened my umbrella, an old man from Germany kept on smiling at me and so I invited him to come under my umbrella. After hearing the speech, I gave the old man some truth-clarification materials and he was very happy to receive them. I also told him some things about the persecution of Falun Gong in China and he said that he would definitely read the leaflet properly when he got home. I said I was very sorry that I couldn’t talk to him for longer because I had to find some of the statesmen and talk to them and in the hope of getting the support from them as well. Then to my surprise, he said, “I’ll help you hold the umbrella, you go and talk to them.”

So we found every statesmen and talked to them, the old man also kept on reminding me, “Look, you haven’t talked to him yet.” “That person over there is the candidate for the next election of congressman. You should go and have a talk with him. Quickly now, there’s no-one beside him.” So the old man helped me hold the umbrella until the meeting ended. When everybody was gone, he then smiled and left us happily.

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