Germany: A Picture Exhibition to Expose the Crimes of Jiang Zemin

As part of the Global Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, a picture exhibition depicting Jiang’s crimes of genocide was held in Irlandgen, Germany. The dates of the picture exhibition coincided with the election of state senators. Many Chinese people were also in the city, at Siemens Hi-Tec Training Base.

The picture exhibition let many people, who had previously been deceived by the Chinese media, come to understand the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong. After they came to know that there are some German practitioners’ family members being persecuted in China, many of them signed petition forms without hesitation and supported Falun Gong practitioners’ appeals to stop this brutal persecution.

The picture exhibition depicting Jiang Zemin’s crimes will be held for three months in a variety of locations. The venues include German Parks, famous tourist sites, near the German Foreign Ministry, the German Parliament, the State councils and some large media office’s.

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