"Iceland Review" Reports on Protests against Luo Gan

On 9th September 2003, "The Iceland Review" published a report on Chinese criminal Luo Gan's visit to Reykjavík. The report described how nearly 150 people took part in a prtoest outside of the "Culture House" whilst Luo Gan ate lunch inside. The report also stated that Amnesty International believe that Luo Gan arranged a group of people to obscure their protest.

The report went on to say that 'Several individuals and associations have filed charges against Gan for his crimes against humanity.' It talked about a European Falun Gong practitioner who is pressing charges against Luo Gan and said 'His sister-in-law was arrested and sent to prison camp without a trial, and endured severe torture.'

The report went on to mention how Luo Gan attempted to export his suppression of freedom to the free land of Iceland and showed the true nature of this vicious regime who shamelessly act like criminlas even in foreign countries: 'A journalist from the daily "Morgunbladid", who asked Gan a question about human rights, was surrounded by Chinese security guards immediately and transported from the premises.'

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