France: Clarifying the Facts to Tourists in Paris (Part 1)

During the summer holidays, there are many Chinese tourists in Paris, and I have felt that in recent times their perception of Falun Gong has been changing a lot. Before, anyone who misunderstood us would avoid us, but now they come to chat with us and ask questions. Here are several of my experiences talking to these Chinese tourists.

Once when I was distributing leaflets, a tourist guide came over to me and said: “Hurry up, they want to buy a cup of coffee for you.” Then I saw that several Chinese people were waiting for me in a coffee shop. I waved toward them, pointed to the leaflets in my hand, and gave a salute to express my gratitude. But a few minutes later, they called me again: “come on, just for a cup of coffee please.” I thought that they must want to ask questions, and so I joined them.

They said to me excitedly: “Sit down please, sit down please.” I said: “I am OK, thank you. There still are many people over there. Have you got any questions about Falun Gong?” A tall guy said: “We come from Changchun city, we know all the facts.” Another person said: “If you feel Falun Gong is good, you may practise it in private. Who asked you to distribute these leaflets here?” I said: “We are volunteers. As the Chinese state-run media have slandered us, we only want to clarify the facts to the public for freedom of belief.” He asked: “Where did you get these leaflets then?” I said: “We printed them using our own money. Many of us, such as elderly overseas Chinese men and women, owners of restaurants and jewellers shops are practising Falun Gong; we printed these leaflets using our own income. Actually, we are not simply doing things with money, but with our hearts.”

He asked again: “Do you love the XX party?” I answered: “We all love our home country and the Chinese people as well. If officials do what is best for the people, of course we love them. But if they only seek self-interest and bully the people, then why should we love them?”

Then he asked: “The current high living standard was brought by the sacrifice of many revolutionary martyrs, yet you are doing these things here. Are you still Chinese?” I answered: “We also wish that our country can improve and walks a righteous path. However, during the ten years of the ‘Great Cultural Revolution’, how many good people were persecuted? And also, we were arrested, put into labour camps or even sentenced to years of imprisonment just because we tried to legally appeal at the Appeals Office. An Irish student, Zhao Ming, was tortured with six electric batons while in detention at a labour camp, and we have also personally seen the scars left on his body. What has happened in China has put shame on our Chinese people among the International Society already. We are really not doing things for our own interest, but for all of the precious Chinese people as well as for the future of China.”

At that moment, the tourist guide called them as they were about to leave. When they boarded the coach, they nodded toward me with gratitude.

Another official came and asked: “Is it true that Jiang Zemin has been prosecuted overseas?” and then said to a person beside him, “There are two Falun Gong practitioners in your work place, aren’t there?” That person nodded. I said: “It is true. Good is rewarded with good, evil with evil. It is not because Jiang is the leader of the country, that he could hide the truth from the masses, and act wildly against the law and public opinion; there are laws in the international society. He must be punished by the law because of having committed wrongdoings.” He smiled and said to that person: “Good.”

There was another tourist group waiting for their coach, and they refused leaflets. Then I stood at one side and sent forth righteous thoughts quietly. Keeping silent for a while, a person asked: “Why doesn’t your Master go back to China?” Not waiting for the answer or the whole story, another question was raised. At this moment, all of the people’s attention was concentrated on me. Everyone was talking about Falun Gong. I enlightened that if I kept a clean and clear mind, my wisdom would emerge continuously, so whatever they said I could correct their wrong notions and eliminate any evil thoughts in their minds with my righteous thoughts; but if I was anxious, they would act impatiently as what I was saying was not pure, and had no chance of touching their hearts. Finally, I said: “History will witness everything!” Thus, they did not contest any more, boarded the coach and seemed to be lost in thought.

When I saw several people sitting and resting, I went toward them and gave them some leaflets about the persecution. They accepted the material and glanced at it by turning over page after page very quickly. Some were indifferent, and some were uncertain about the contents of the materials. However, I did not clarify the facts immediately but chatted with them and sorted out their doubts with a smile. A person asked for many leaflets and had a photo taken with me. He said, “Now I am practising Falun Gong, and I am going to give these materials to others.” I said: “In that case, you will accumulate merit and virtue for yourself.” The next day, when I happened to see him again, he said: “We meet again.” I answered: “We really have a predestined relationship.” He said with a smile: “I have given those materials to others.”

Of course, there was also people who have been deeply affected by the evil propaganda and have misunderstandings toward us. Once, one of my fellow practitioners met an elderly lady, whose face was serious and gloomy, and was bordering on anger when she was given a leaflet. The practitioner said to her with a smile: “Aunty, would you like have a look it?” Her face turned to happiness. It seemed that her bad thoughts were restrained and she accepted the materials. I enlightened that whatever attitude people have got, our hearts and thoughts are very important when clarifying the facts to them. If we keep sincere and pure hearts and thoughts, people’s righteous sides will feel Falun Dafa’s grace, and Dafa will open our wisdom so that we can clarify the truth more effectively.

(To be continued)

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