More Information on the Torture Death of Dafa Practitioner Mr. Li Xianrong

Before his death, Mr. Li Xianrong had been detained at the Yinmahe Labour Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province for a long time. Even though a medical examination indicated that he had tuberculosis and he should be released on medical parole, with no regard for his life the labour camp still refused to free him.

One day in May, seeing that Mr. Li was in a critical condition, Doctor Jiang in the labour camp decided to give him an IV. However, given Mr. Li's situation, the medication Jiang planned to use could cause severe consequences. Despite the potential danger, Jiang used the medication on Mr. Li. According to an eyewitness named Wang, a detainee at the labour camp, Mr. Li said he felt extremely uncomfortable shortly after he was given the IV. Seeing this, Wang removed the IV and carried Mr. Li to the labour camp hospital. The doctors on duty did not allow him to place Mr. Li on a hospital bed. Instead, they asked him to put Mr. Li in the hallway. Later, seeing that Mr. Li was close to death, the doctors became scared. Zheng Hailing from the administration section, Doctor Liang and others rushed to send Mr. Li to the Central Hospital of the city. On the way there when they checked his pulse, they found that he was already dead. In order to shirk their responsibility, however, they still sent his body to the hospital and did a series of examinations for show.

Zheng Hailing ordered witness Wang not to disclose the truth to the outside world, and promised him a sentence reduction. However, they were still worried. After coming back to the labour camp, they threw Wang into the SARS quarantine area, isolating him from the outside world.

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