Greetings from Sweden to Fellow Falun Dafa Practitioners in China

Gothenburg, 24 October, 2001, UN Day

We would like to send greetings to all Falun Dafa practitioners in China. We are aware of your enormous suffering and we will continue to tell your courageous stories of upholding the Truth to the people of the world. We spend this day by holding an outdoor exhibition in Gustav Adolf Torg, the town square, to reveal the crimes committed by Jiang Zemin, Lou Gan and other evil people.

It was a normal working day but some of us took a few hours off to be able to participate. When night fell we lighted some candles in memory of those who had died in the process of telling the truth. Many people came forward to read the large posters and talk to us. Some showed interest in our harmonious exercises. As always the practitioners’ benevolence created a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Generally Swedish people are kind-hearted. They deplore the persecution. Only evil people can treat fellow humans in such despicable ways.

In whatever we do, we follow the principles of Dafa [Great Law], which is a fact that wins the admiration of many people. For more than two years Dafa practitioners have been brutally ill-treated, tortured, raped and killed; and their family members are terrorized. Yet Dafa practitioners have always been peaceful. Like genuine Falun Dafa practitioners we shall always be truthful, benevolent and have forbearance in whatever we do. More and more people will learn the truth, understand us and realize the profoundness of Dafa.

At 8pm we packed up our exhibition but our thoughts are with the Dafa disciples in China.

With righteous thoughts,

Practitioners from Sweden

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