Belgium: Falun Gong Practitioners in Brussels hold a “Big Trial” of Jiang Zemin

On August 23rd, Falun Gong practitioners acted out a trial against Jiang Zemin in Temple Park, Brussels.

The “Sue Jiang Trial” featured many Dafa practitioners who have suffered brutal persecution at the hands of Jiang’s regime, playing their real selves. Among them were Chinese practitioners who have been through cruel persecution in Chinese labour camps, and western practitioners who received ill-treatment just for peacefully calling for an end to the persecution and going to Tiananmen Square. There were also Chinese students who have been deprived of their passport because they practise Falun Gong. Australian practitioner Jane Dai and her little daughter Fadu, who lost their father and husband after he was murdered by Jiang’s regime, also took part in the play.

The court used a large banner reading “Dictator Jiang: Sued for Genocide of Falun Gong” as background and a model of Jiang made by Belgian practitioners was placed on the court’s defendant seat. Practitioners started the trial by sending forth righteous thoughts. Every single piece of evidence that was brought up in the makeshift court made practitioners feel the despicable and evil nature of this persecution more deeply.

This “Big Trial” attracted lots of passers-by and they all accepted leaflets. Lots of tour buses pulled up nearby to get a closer look. There was also a group of people celebrating a wedding who stopped to watch the trial and applauded for the practitioner’s righteous court case against the evil dictator.

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