UK: Falun Gong practitioners were Invited to join the Parade of Edinburgh’s World Famous Annual Festival

The opening parade of the annual Edinburgh International Arts Festival was held on August 3rd in Scotland’s capital. Falun Gong practitioners won the first prize in the Community category of the parade for the second year running.

The Falun Gong parade demonstrated traditional Chinese culture and art, and was welcomed by the spectators who reportedly numbered almost 200,000. Rounds of applause continuously burst out from the crowd. Many spectators stretched out their hands to ask for Falun Gong materials. Although ten practitioners distributed flyers constantly without any rest, they could still only give out materials to one side of the packed street due to the enormous number of spectators. The heart-warming scene made the practitioners deeply realise that numerous kindhearted people are eagerly waiting for Dafa. Dafa practitioners need to have an urgent sense of seizing every minute to accomplish their historical mission.

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