Falun Dafa Practitioner Wang Le Dies as a Result of the Torture He Received at the Chaoyang City Labour Camp

In October 2000, 28 year old male practitioner Wang Le went to Beijing to appeal against the long-term persecution of Falun Gong and was sentenced to two years of forced labour at the Chaoyang City Labour Camp. Here, he was tortured until he became mentally abnormal, at which time he was granted a release to receive medical treatment. By May 16, 2001, he was dead.

Wang Le was a worker in the Raw Material Section of No. 1 Steel-making Mill of Lingyuan Steel Industry Corporation. He was reserved but conscientious and diligent in his work, and was publicly acknowledged as a good worker. After July 1999 when the peaceful practice of Falun Dafa began to suffer persecution, he was detained for validating Dafa. As a result, he and three other Dafa practitioners were laid off, and worked as temporary workers at the Four-in-one Material Factory of the corporation. Everybody there commented that he was the most efficient worker.

In October 2000, after witnessing Dafa being unfairly treated for a long time, he decided to go to Beijing to appeal. Because of his poor financial condition, he decided to walk to Beijing. He walked three straight days and reached Chengde City of Hebei Province. From there he took a train to Beijing, but was soon caught and sent back to his hometown, Lingyan City. Afterwards, the city police department irresponsibly sentenced him to two years at the Chaoyang City Labour Camp.

During his detention period, the labour camp authorities forcibly brainwashed him, causing great suffering to his mind and body. On April 10, 2001 the labour camp notified his family members to take him back home. Two or three days later, his family noticed that his behaviour appeared odd, so they took him to the Lingyan Mental Hospital for treatment. On May 11, when his relatives asked the labour camp authorities to issue a release certificate, they were given a certificate of release for medical treatment outside of the labour camp, and the reason for it was mental disease. On May 12, he left the mental hospital. On May 16, he ran away from his family members and got lost. When they found him at noon the same day, he was already dead. It looked like he had been hit by a train near the Balipu area of Lingyuan City. The details and the cause of his death are to be further investigated.

From sources inside Chaoyang Labour Camp we heard that because Wang Le practiced Falun Gong, when the officials assigned the work, he was overloaded much more than the common criminals. So Wang Le was often beaten, as he could not finish his assignment. Under orders from labour camp officials, criminals tortured practitioners with various methods. If any practitioner was "reformed" by beating, the labour camp would reduce the criminals' detention term. So the criminals burned practitioners with cigarettes, froze them with icy-water in winter, hung them up by their handcuffs, deprived them of sleep, and beat them with wooden bed boards. Dafa practitioners were beaten so badly they had bruises all over their bodies. Some practitioners were struck so much that their eardrums were perforated and their ribs were fractured. Additionally, the vicious guards often tortured practitioners with electric batons until their flesh was burned.

In No.2 Group, the vicious guards forced practitioners to work during the daytime and bombarded them with brainwashing messages at night. They forced practitioners to say words that criticized Falun Gong against their will; otherwise practitioners would not be allowed to sleep or would be beaten up or abused. The long-term mental persecution and menace deeply hurt them and they suffered great mental pressure. Wang Le was tortured in this way, which led to such a condition of mental illness.

Several days ago, Lingyuan City TV Station broadcast, "Falun Gong practitioner Wang Le suffered a mental disorder and cultivation insanity in Chaoyang Labour Camp." In Wang Le's family history, there was nobody with a mental disorder. Everyone who knew Wang Le considered him a healthy, vigorous and good young man full of confidence in life before he was put into the labour camp. Why did such a good person turn into a mentally ill patient after he was put into the labour camp? If he was treated, as the government claims, with "care and education like parents," how could practitioners be beaten up and their eardrums be perforated? How could they suffer from mental disease? Everyone knows that the labour camps are actually very evil places were many horrors occur.

After Wang Le died, the police led personnel from Lingyuan TV Station to Wang Le's home, and tried to force his family to help the TV station fake a video in order to frame Falun Gong. His family firmly refused. The police officials distorted Wang Le's case in order to mislead the public. Their video has no credibility.

The direct murderers who caused Wang Le's death are the leaders of the local police department and Lingyuan Steel Industry Corporation, while the primary criminals are Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan and their criminal regime. Their responsibilities cannot be shirked.


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