Swedish Prime Minister: “Speaking out for freedom of belief and human rights is everyone’s duty.”

Document no. SB2003/2562
Prime Minister’s Office
Political Advisor
Mikael Sundesten

Dear Katarina:

On behalf of Prime Minister Göran Persso, I want to thank you for your letter. You wrote about how Falun Gong practitioners and other groups of people are being persecuted in China. The Prime Minister requested me to reply to your letter and I am sorry for the delay.

The Swedish government understands very well how Falun Gong practitioners are being treated in China, which shows serious violations of human rights. It is important for the international community to voice strong opposition to this. We hope that China can engage in international economic and political cooperation as a democratic country.

The Swedish government has expressed its opposition many times against the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Either in direct dialogue or in the European Union framework, the Swedish government has urged the opposition of this persecution. Please believe that the Swedish government will continue to watch closely how Falun Gong practitioners are being treated in China.

The Swedish government can never approve of the persecution of individuals for their beliefs or political views, nor of brutal oppression. It’s everyone’s duty to speak out for freedom of belief and human rights.

You asked whether you could submit some materials about Falun Gong to the Prime Minister in person. Since the Prime Minister works on a tight schedule, your request is highly unlikely to be granted. I suggest you mail the materials directly to us.

Mikael Sundesten

Translated from Chinese at http://yuanming.net/articles/200306/21763.html

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