Dongfeng Motor Co. Bribes Police to Force Practitioners into Labour Camps

[Shiyan, Hubei Province]

Feng Siuhua and her husband are staff members of Gearbox Co. of Dongfeng Motor Co. in Shiyan City and are true practitioners. Feng Siuhua's husband, has been illegally detained at No.1 Shiyan Detention Centre since 2000. Feng Siuhua was also sent to a forced brainwashing class at Dongyu Public Security Branch Bureau in Shiyan. Her company requested to have her put in the labour camp but the labour camps refused to take her because of an unsatisfactory health check. The Security Department of her company was in league with the Dongyu Police Branch Bureau and bribed the labour camp in order to have her held.

This is a common practice of the Dongyu Police Branch Bureau. By implementing the same trick, it has illegally sent Huang Chaodeng and two other Falun Dafa practitioners to labour camps. With what laws do such practices comply?


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