University Lecturer Persecuted for Legal Appeal and his Family made Destitute

Lu Mengxin, Lecturer of Northeast Forestry University, Persecuted Brutally for a Legal Appeal

(Harbin, Heilongjiang Province)

Lu Mengxin, male, was born in 1963 and is a lecturer at Northeast Forestry University. He went to Beijing to validate the Fa on 10/10/1999 and was sent back to Harbin Dongli Public Security Branch Bureau. After 16 months of illegal detention, he was sentenced to three years in prison. During the arbitrary detention, he was brutally beaten by the head inmate and other criminals for not reciting the rules of the detention centre. He was also not given enough to eat and the food brought in by his family was all taken by other inmates. Therefore, he was left to starve. As a result of the poor sanitation of the detention centre, he had scabies all over his body. On 3/31/2001 he was sent to Harbin Prison. His wife, Xu Wenying was once arrested for publishing a statement on Minghui website and now is wandering about destitute with their three-year-old son. While in prison, Lu Mengxin went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and was force-fed by guards. He is now held at the No. 1 Division of Harbin Prison.

Guan Xin, the impious official who imprisoned Lu Mengxin, and his wife Xu, was awarded a first-class achievement. His working place: Politics and Security Department of Harbin Dongli Public Security Branch Bureau; Tel: 86451-2108845

Division Head: Chang Huichen, tel: 86451-5302173 ext. 8803


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