Evil Deeds in Pingantai Labour Camp

(Lanzhou, Gansu Province)

The Pingantai Labour Camp atrociously tortures Falun Dafa practitioners in a futile attempt to force these people into giving up their faith. Male practitioners are given the heaviest and hardest jobs during the daytime. At night they are hung up with their hands handcuffed from behind and drug addicts take turns torturing them. Some female practitioners are hung up during the daytime and are sent back to the cell at night; some are forced to labour during the daytime and are beaten during the night; some are forced to work in the daytime and afterwards are forced to stand the entire night without any sleep. There is only one purpose: to force Falun Dafa practitioners to submit to the evils' terms against their will.

Jiao Lili is a female practitioner from the Qingyang Area in Gansu Province. Her term was extended for her unyielding staunchness. When her term came to full on 06/30/2001, the wicked police forced her once again to write the "three letters" (promising not to practise Falun Gong, stating their regret over practising in the past, declaring their separation from Falun Gong). Jiao Lili resolutely refused and was tortured throughout the night. The next day she disappeared and only bloodstains were left of her presence on the floor.

Zhang Hui, female, a traitor, assists the evil force to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. When her crooked reasoning and fallacies are resisted, she personally leads a team of drug addicts to beat up practitioners. Her evil conducts makes a person's hair stand on end.


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