Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Transferred to the notorious Ji County Labour Camp to Be Persecuted

[Ji County, Tianjin City]
In September 2001, Shuangkou Labour Camp, Tianjin City transferred five determined Falun Dafa practitioners including Zhou Xiangyang to Ji County Labour Camp. The practitioners never bowed to the persecutors. The Ji County Labour Camp is notorious for its endorsement of "No responsibility to beat people to death". The main work there is to quarry stone with dynamite. The accidental deaths in the camp are about a few percentages of the inmates per year. However, according to those released from the camp, it is a hell in this world and those died there every year are all beaten or tortured to death. Falun Dafa practitioners from Tianjin are concerned about Zhou Xiangyang and other practitioners. The police in the camp can conduct any despicable actions. We appeal all kind-hearted people in the world to pay attention to this matter.


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