THE GUARDIAN [UK] : Building the coalition

Saturday October 6, 2001

There has been little mention of China's hypocrisy in the war against terrorism. [..] it steals neighbouring lands in contravention of UN resolutions, then repopulates these areas with its own people, using military strength to crush any opposition. For decades China has been using terror to subdue Tibetans, Uighars and Mongolians while the world looks the other way.

In the last 30 years Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Falun Gong devotees and ordinary Chinese people who wish for democracy have been murdered by the Chinese authorities. The events of September 11 must not allow the Chinese to intensify their continuing war on those resisting totalitarian communist rule and fighting, like the Tibetans and Uighars, to retain their land, language, way of life and deeply-held religious views.
E Scott
Hove, E Sussex


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