Women brutally persecuted in Xinjiang Province

Falun Dafa Practitioners Persecuted in Xinjiang Province

Practitioner Li Guiqin, around 50 years old, was an administrative cadre at Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. In December 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested. She refused to tell her name and address and was sent to the city of Tianjin. The police in Tianjin brutally tortured her. They put an electric baton into her vagina to shock her. They threatened that if she refused to tell her name and address, they would shock her in the mouth and vagina simultaneously, gang rape her, kill her, and then cut up her body and bury the pieces separately so that she would never be found.

In April 2001, Li was sent back to Xinjiang and illegally detained in Urumqi Wulabo Labour Camp. She was found to have a fist-sized mass in her uterus that might have been caused by the electric shocks. Her family wanted to bail her out so that she could receive treatment, but Wulabo Labour Camp rejected the request and said that she could not be released without changing her mind (about practising Falun Gong). We call all kind-hearted people to pay attention to Li's case, to rescue her and stop the evil persecution so that she can soon receive treatment.

Practitioner Luo Chuanmei, in her 40's, was illegally sent to Urumqi Wulabo Labour Camp in November 2000. The guards and drug addicts in the labour camp brutally tortured her. Since Luo refused to cooperate with the evil's requests, the labour camp refused to allow her family to visit her or to send her food since February 2001.

Practitioner Zhang Ruiling, about 30 years old, was an elementary school teacher in Urumqi. Around June 2001, the county's Politics and Law Committee sent her to a brainwashing class located in Nanshangpan Fanggou. After the class was over, the committee, the education department, and her school continued to persecute her, since they thought that she did not cooperate with them. They asked her to write material to denounce Falun Dafa and asked her husband's work unit to pressure him. Her husband's work unit threatened to fire him if he did not assist them in their persecution. Under extreme pressure, the husband went home to beat Zhang and forced her to write the document.

According to news from other sources, practitioner Xiao Lan (not real name) from Henan Province is currently being illegally detained at Xinjiang Korla Pakistan State Detention Centre.


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