GLASGOW [HERALD]: Chinese baby persecuted from birth

Scottish newspaper report


A YOUNG Chinese mother hugged her baby girl in Edinburgh yesterday, as she told how the child had been born "stateless", a victim of persecution by her government in its crackdown on Falun Gong.

Zhengfang Mo, who was beaten and jailed in China when pregnant with 20-month-old Minghui because she supports the meditation movement, was meeting Councillor Donald Anderson, the leader of the City of Edinburgh Council, as part of a campaign to highlight China's treatment of its followers.

The "Minghui" tour of 52 British cities is aimed at raising awareness of the treatment of the [group], which mainland China has banned …

So far, 288 Chinese have died as a result of persecution by the authorities because they practice Falun Gong, a system of exercises and teachings said to transform the mind and body.

Zhengfang Mo, whose daughter was born in Swansea a month after she was
expelled from China, said the persecution had continued in the UK through the Chinese Embassy in London, with its refusal to register Minghui, the youngest "non-nationality refugee".

At the moment, the child's parents would have to leave her behind and return to China when their student visas expire at the end of this month.

Without a legitimate nationality, Minghui could neither leave the UK nor return to her homeland, while her parents could be arrested and imprisoned in China for continuing to follow Falun Gong.

The campaign is looking for help to have Minghui registered for a legitimate nationality.

It also wants the release of all Falun Gong practitioners in China, and an end to persecution of the [group].

Councillor Anderson said any abuse of human rights needed to be challenged and said the council had already backed a statement by him condemning persecution of the [group]

-Oct 5th


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