Words Spoken by the Evil Expose the Lies, Deception, and the Persecution of the Jiang Zemin Regime

When I was transferred from Beijing's Dazha Police Station to the Police detention centre at the Xuanwu District Branch, I was detained in the cells for criminals. One guard directed the head of the cell to use the prisoners to beat confessions out of us. When I was interrogated in the No.10 interrogation room, one interrogator said as he thrashed me, "I beat you, so what? Who is here to see it? Who can you get to be a witness?"

During another interrogation, one interrogator said, "If you still refuse to confess, we'll push you out of the window and you'll die from the fall. Your death will be recorded as suicide or declared to be from a sudden illness. Your body will be sent for immediate cremation. It has already happened that practitioners were sent for cremation directly from here."

The evil's admission fully exposes their deceitfulness: all the nonsense about suicide or sudden illness as causes of deaths of Falun Dafa practitioners is nothing but lies!

I was sent to the No. 2 Team of the Criminal Education Section because I refused to give in to the evil in the Anshan Labour camp. Over there, prisoners were used to deal out harsh corporal punishment to Falun Dafa practitioners. Practitioners were ordered to sit on small stools (each just one and a half inches wide, four inches high and four inches long) day and night, and not allowed to get up even at mealtime. There is also a time restriction on use of the washroom. When prisoners beat me, they said, "If you refuse to write a pledge to give up Falun Gong, we'll beat you to death. The cause of death will be certified as sudden illness. There's a quota for deaths here."

I continued promoting and validating Falun Dafa to them. They said, "We know you're all good people, but we have no choice because the Team leader has given the order. The team leader gives commands to the group leader, who in turn orders us to do so. If we fail to do what we're told, we'll be punished by the group leader, who in turn will be held accountable by the team leader. There's pressure at every level."

The No. 2 team's leader pressured Falun Dafa practitioner Gao Mingguang to denounce Teacher Li and step on a portrait of Teacher Li. Gao absolutely refused. Thus he was savagely beaten and injured. The evil has completely lost their humanity.

Citizens of the world: through the inadvertent words of the evil, there is no longer any lingering doubt as to the goings-on during the persecution. We hope all of you will come to appreciate the truth and goodness of Falun Dafa, jointly resist the evil, and rescue those who are still in the midst of this horrendous persecution!


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