SOS Walk reaches Riga, Latvia

Some thoughts about the Walk

During the time that I spent with the Riga practitioners, the language barrier between us became smaller and smaller. At this point of my SOS Walk in Europe, I decided to go to the Falun Dafa conference in Moscow. Practitioners from Latvia took 18hour bus or train journeys to get there since they could not afford the air fare. In Moscow, there were also practitioners from foreign countries as well as from Russia or countries form the former Soviet Union. I stayed with practitioners from Riga. As the conference progressed and many practitioners from Sweden and some of Russian talked, the overall understanding of the practitioners also began to rise. I felt that my heart and those of the Riga practitioners were opening up more and more. By the end of the 18hour train journey home, it was hard for us to separarte. We met to study the Fa [read the principles of Falun Gong],but instead of joining in we stood in the hall and continued experience sharing. By 4am as my bus was leaving, practitioners did an incredible amount of work preparing materials, disks,fliers etc. They were ready to continue clarifying the truth to the government and made calls for me on the way, for example, to Minsk in Belarus.

The Riga practitioners will go to Ukraine and other places that need help. Practitioners here have decided to have monthly meetings in many different countries of the former Soviet Union and to go everywhere to help each other. We also need to help and come to other places and also help with materials. Travelling to different locations is for the time being also hard for them. Forty-five Taiwanese practitioners, when they were leaving, gave their sweatshirts to the local practitioners. It was a very nice gesture.

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