People Starting To Ask For Falun Dafa Truth Clarification Materials

On the Chinese National Day, UK practitioners held truth-clarification and appealing activities in China town and outside the Chinese embassy in London.

This year, the Chinese National Day and traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival happened to be on the same day. There were many people walking through China town, which became very crowded. Practitioners set up a table in the centre of China town and delivered Falun Dafa materials to tourists, local Chinese and western people. This time the situation was different from before because many people walked to us asking for materials themselves. They also wanted to know where they could join a practice group. There were also many tourists who took our display area as a tourist spot. They especially took pictures with our activities in the background. There were a few Chinese delegations and navy soldiers passing through China town. Some of them also took our truth-clarification materials and left with emotion and seriousness.

We delivered a couple of thousand materials in China town on that day. In the afternoon the sky was suddenly covered with thick clouds before it started raining very heavily. Two of the young practitioners were practising the meditation exercise. They, together with other practitioners, did not pay much attention to the rain and carried on with the exercises quietly for about one and half hours although they were completely soaked and the weather was chilly. Many passers by were moved by the secne and took pictures one by one.

In the evening we exercised opposite the Chinese Embassy. There were also a lot of people there who asked for materials. The Falun Gong Association (UK) sent a petition letter to the Chinese Embassy. In the letter it was emphasized that Chinese government’s persecution of Falun Gong was state terrorism. We urged the Chinese National Congress to really carry out its responsibility and bring Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan, who have promoted the state terrorism, to justice according to the law.

UK practitioners
3rd October 2001

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