Italian radio reports Chinese embassy’s Refusal to accept letter from Falun Gong

Falun Gong “SOS”: the Chinese Embassy refuses to accept an open letter.

Rome, September 25, 2001 (ADN Kronos) [excerpt]

It was not possible for the Falun Gong movement to deliver a letter to the Chinese ambassador in Rome. So reported secretary Sergio d’Elia in the programme: “Nobody touches Cain” from ADN Kronos (a radio station). He added that more than 200 people participated in today’s parade from Tinit’a die Monti to the Chinese embassy. “Having arrived in front of the embassy, we let them know via a loudspeaker that we wished to deliver a letter,” reports Elia, “but the one, who answered us, had been ordered to refuse the letter. We were not even allowed to hand it to the concierge.”

Also present was Marco Panella, who tried to deliver the letter personally. “Panella asked to be received. But he was told that he would not even be allowed to deliver the letter through a courier service. When he tried to deliver the letter himself he was rebuffed by a woman who told him she had received instructions to refuse a letter from Falun Gong.”

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