The Evils of Heizuizi Female Labour Camp in Jilin Province

The Heizuizi Female Labour Camp in Jilin Province is a living hell, and the directors and guards there are all extremely evil. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who was illegally detained there for more than 9 months, and saw with my own eyes the brutal torture of practitioners, and am one of the eyewitnesses to the evil crimes of Jiang Zemin's accomplices. The following is a brief summary of part of what I have seen and heard at the Heizuizi Female Labour Camp.

On November 14, 1999, I was sentenced to one year of forced labour education and sent to the Heizuizi Female Labour Camp because I went to Beijing with two fellow practitioners to appeal for Falun Gong. When we first arrived there, we saw the slogan "persuasion, saving, and education is our policy" on the wall. However, the guards were very harsh to us, not even looking at us when talking to us. They ordered the common criminals to body search us, taking all our Falun Dafa materials away. When they were trying to persuade us to break with Falun Dafa, they were quite "friendly." But when we refused to comply, their evil nature was revealed. The guards used the common criminals as their pawns to take turns monitoring us 24 hours a day, disallowing us to study the Fa [law and principles of Falun Dafa] or practise the exercises and talk to each other, otherwise the guards would instruct them to beat us brutally. If the common criminals did a good job monitoring and beating us, they would have their sentences reduced as a reward. Thus, the common criminals were doing their best to persecute practitioners. Most of them were villains and dared to do anything.

When encouraged by the guards, they became even more vicious. It is not unusual that the criminals beat or curse practitioners, or steal their personal items at will. Once, because we were reciting Lunyu [the first article in Zhuan Falun, the major book of Falun Gong], the criminals rushed to beat us as if they had gone mad. A criminal hit practitioner Wang Lihua (female) with a long timber rod so hard that she was lifted off the ground, then kicked her in the face. Her face was immediately badly swollen, and her right eye was full of blood. It took more than a month for her to recover. In order to hide this from her family, the guards kept her family from visiting her. Such brutal beatings of practitioners happened all the time, and the number of big, hard wooden rods broken during the beatings was countless.

The guards were even more vicious than the common criminals. They played the videotapes that slander Falun Dafa and Teacher Li in an attempt to brainwash us. Every time practitioners studied the Fa or practised the exercises, they shocked us with high voltage electric batons that are more than 1 meter long, sometimes they deliberately stripped off our clothing to shock us all over the body or in the mouth. They also used the broad and thick bamboo board to beat practitioners on the face. The directors of the Management Section Lian and Yue often participated in beatings.

In order to force practitioners to break with Falun Dafa, the labour camp authorities took all kinds of vicious means to torture practitioners. For example, they poured water onto the cement floor in the winter and forced practitioners to squat there barefoot for a long time. The water was frozen into ice quickly since it was so cold, and the practitioners could not help but move. As soon as the practitioners moved, they would be kicked and beaten, even with their hands cuffed behind them. Practitioner Yuan Wenci and Fan Xiu were forced to squat like this for more than 8 hours as a punishment of practicing the exercises. As time went by, their means became more and more vicious. They tied the determined practitioners' hands and feet to a bed and kept them there for extended periods, never untying them. They named this torture the "dead man's bed." Some practitioners were tied there continuously for more than 20 days. During the wintertime when it was cold and the wind was heavy, they deliberately left the windows open to freeze the practitioners tied to the bed with very thin clothes. But the practitioners were still very firm though the pain was so hard to forbear. Some times they poured water on the floor, forced practitioners to stand in the water and shocked the floor with electric baton.

The guards often took the practitioners to a remote location to torture them so that the others would not see, and they closed the door so that the others would not hear. (Note: this is why some "brainwashed people" denied that the labour camp was very evil. Not only many of other practitioners did not know about such vicious tortures, some kind guards did not know either. They acted very nice to those un-determined practitioners in order to persuade them to break from Falun Dafa. Once they found it was impossible, they would fully show their evil nature and viciously torture practitioners. Later they would lie and say that they were very friendly to the practitioners.)

As soon as we were illegally detained, we started appealing the sentence, but never received any response. When the criminals and the guards brutally tortured practitioners, we wrote letters to the director of the labour camp to expose their crimes, but never got any response either. It was all right to beat practitioners in the guards' eyes, and they plotted most of the vicious tortures. A practitioner may lose his/her life at any moment there. Under this extreme situation, we went on hunger strike and work strike to protest against the inhuman treatment, but were persecuted more viciously as a result.

During our hunger strike, they assigned us very heavy intensive labour, and forced us to keep running in the deep snowfield until we were too tired to take a breath. At last, they force-fed those practitioners who wouldn't give up the hunger strike. This was their method: They tied practitioner's four limbs to the iron bed, inserted the rubber tubes into practitioner's throats, or forcefully pried their mouths open with a bar to force-feed them, respectively. What was fed was very dirty corn slop held in a very dirty basin like those used for dogs. Practitioners were suffocated to the point that they couldn't breathe, and painful tears burst from their eyes. An over 50-year-old practitioner was tortured so badly that her front teeth became loose and bleeding. The force-feeding didn't stop until 6 or 7 days later. Even when the tortured practitioners became extremely weak, the guards still wouldn't stop and continued with electric shocking. Sometimes the electric shocking and force-feeding were carried out simultaneously. Practitioners were tortured to the brink of death.

Later, more practitioners were being sent into the labour camp. The guards would only ask whether practitioners would give up practising, otherwise they just kept shocking them with electric batons. They also instigated several common criminals to beat one practitioner. We could often hear the painful yells of practitioners being badly beaten. The camp also confined practitioners in a solitary cell. They locked practitioners in a small dark and damp four-walled cell, which had only 1 small glass on the wall [we assume just for the guards to watch]. Practitioners' hands were handcuffed behind their backs against the door. They were forced to sit, facing the wall, for at least 6 or 7 days; sometimes even more than 1 month. Their hands were shaped into a deep, bloody arc and were badly swollen. In order to achieve the production quota stipulated by the labour camp, the guards often ordered us to work overtime, for 11 or 12 hours a day. Once we were forced to work for 17 hours and were so exhausted. When the higher authorities came to inspect, the guards just cleared away the work and let us watch TV or pretend that we were doing nothing.

Wang Limei (female), the head of Unit No. 5, was the most vicious guard to torture practitioners. She often tied practitioners to the bed and shocked them with high voltage electric batons for long time. Once, I witnessed her tying practitioner Wang Shouhui to the bed and shocking her with 2 high voltage electric batons at the same time. The guard wouldn't stop for a long time, until Wang Shouhui's skin was singed with blisters. Her mouth was badly swollen and the shape of her face became deformed. Wang Limei also kept scolding her while grinding her teeth, fully exposing her evil nature.

After April 2000, the camp received another round of orders from the Party to persecute practitioners. In order to strengthen the control of forcing practitioners to give up cultivation, the camp bought more electric batons. During those days, the sound of the shocking and the screams of practitioners could always been heard throughout the camp. As long as practitioners wound not give up, they wouldn't stop the shocking. When this method failed, they prolonged the detention period and sent the practitioners in small cells for solitary confinement. Practitioners Wang Shouhui, Wang Yugui, Liu Guiru and Liu Shujuan all female, all over 50 years old, were tied to the bed. Because they insisted on practicing, the guards and Unit leaders shocked them many times with electric batons. The Unit leaders also asked the common criminals to watch them, having them standing for 5 days, deprived of the right to sleep, and to beat them once they closed their eyes. The common criminals also lashed practitioners with leather whips. The practitioners have experienced all the tortures. A practitioner in Unit No.2 was electrically shocked for more than 2 hours with her dress stripped off. Her whole body festered, blood and skin mixed together, undistinguishable. But the guards lied to us that this happened because she was "allergic" to the electric baton. They were without even a little human nature or sense of honour. The determined practitioners have suffered all the various means of tortures, always with new wounds appearing before the old wounds recovered.

The camp did not allow practitioners who wouldn't give up practicing to see their visiting family members, nor did they allow practitioners to receive daily necessities brought by their families that they had bought on the outside. Practitioners were only allowed to buy from the small shop in the reception room, as things there were much more expensive than outside. Besides, meals all were 3 or 4 times more expensive than the actual price. The camp also extorted money from practitioners' accounts without permission, and forced them to buy books slandering Teacher Li and defaming Falun Dafa.

The evil deeds of Jilin Province Heizuizi Female Labour Camp are not limited to the above; they have also committed much more, much worse, various evil crimes. The number of practitioners having been beaten to death by them is still unknown. It is a genuine living hell where [about] 1000 practitioners are still being detained today.

Kind-hearted people, do you know there are still so many of those and even more vicious living hells throughout China? Are you aware that there are still so many practitioners who are being unlawfully detained and persecuted? We wish that all the kind-hearted people around the world could lend us your hand of justice to urgently rescue these persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners.

Also, we wish more fellow practitioners could step forward to expose the evil of Jiang Zemin's gangs, to clarify the truth to people and save kind-hearted beings.

List of names of some evil policemen in Jilin Province Heizuizi Female Labour Camp:

Chief police: Chief Zhu, Chief Fan

Management Section: Section heads: Lian, and Yao

Unit No. 4: Unit leaders Guan, and Zhang, Han (name unknown); Guards Wang, Zhang (name unknown), and Hou

Unit No. 5: Unit leaders: Li, Wang Limei (female), Xiao Aiqiu (female),

Chi Aichun (female); Guards Jiang, Tang (name unknown), Liu, and Wang.

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