Cases of Police Battering Falun Dafa Practitioners in Shulan City, Jilin Province

By a practitioner in China

Incidents of police violently beating up Falun Dafa practitioners have occurred again in Shulan city of Jilin province.

Jiang Hongmei (female), while in criminal police custody, was beaten unconscious by the thug Zhao Liwei. He saw that she had fainted so he poured cold water over her head to revive her. As soon as she regained consciousness, the brute resumed beating her. Jiang's face was covered with bruises, some of her teeth were knocked loose and many strands of her hair were pulled out.

The police illegally brought Wang Hongliang (male) in for interrogation. As he refused to cooperate, the police beat him up many times. They hit his face hard and also put a 28 jin (about 31 lb) shackle on him. Jiang refused to answer questions during the interrogation and was beaten from 8am in the morning till 2pm in the afternoon.

Dong Yuxiang (female) came from Yushu City to Shulan city to attend a Falun Dafa experience sharing conference. She was one of the most badly tortured victims in this incident. During an interrogation, she was repeatedly beaten on her buttocks by Yang from the legal section. Her buttocks became swollen and black-and-blue. The swelling did not go down even after twenty days. Li from the politics and security section burnt her on her arm with a lit cigarette. At that time, even the criminals expressed their outrage at such beastly torture. After the beating, Dong was unable to sit because of the unbearable pain in her buttocks. She was subsequently sentenced to 1 year of forced labour "re-education" and is now illegally detained in Changchun City Labour Camp.

The police started to interrogate Li Shufang (female) at 8am. They physically abused her while interrogating her. As she refused to cooperate, the police used plastic pipes to hit her on her back and legs until 3pm.

Wang Fengyun (female) refused to cooperate when the police illegally brought her to the interrogation. The police tortured her by making her stay in a half squat position with arms stretched behind her for as long as 3 hours, until sweat poured off her entire body.

Xing Guofeng refused to reveal her name when the police illegally brought her to interrogation. Her face was bruised by Yang from the legal section and only recovered more than ten days later.

More cases of police in Jilin Province persecuting Dafa practitioners can be found at:

September 25, 2001


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