An Appeal from a Practitioner's Family Member: Stand Up to the Evil and Reduce the Persecution

My older sister is a dedicated practitioner of Falun Dafa. Ever since July of 1999, she has been arrested and beaten on many different occasions. The local government has persecuted her by withholding her salary, dismissing her from her public post, detaining her and sentencing her to forced labour education. Furthermore, the local hooligans responsible for persecuting Falun Gong have forced my whole family to put pressure on my sister by using family sentiments and even by physically beating her. Finally the local government laid off her husband because they claimed that he had failed to keep a close eye on his wife. He then had to take their children and leave the city. My parents silently endured their worries and anxieties, and they have aged quite rapidly.

This July I found out from reading a flyer that the Wanjia Labour Camp was torturing practitioners on a large scale, killing many people. I phoned the Wanjia Labour Camp immediately and they told me that I couldn't visit my sister because she had not given up her practice. I said boldly and justly, "What kind of dirty tricks are you up to that you are afraid of letting me see? If my sister is killed, I will unite with other practitioners' family members to come after you!" The following day the labour camp called and said that my sister was sick [of course, what they really meant was that she was in critical condition] and therefore would be bailed out for treatment, and that they wanted me to pick her up.

I went to the labour camp with a mixture of hopes and anxieties. On the outside of the prison walls, all the family members of the criminal prisoners were talking about how the prisoners were force-fed, forced to sit on the "iron chair," locked in cells below the ground, and hung and killed. As you can see, now even more people know about the truth behind what is going on inside the prisons. They are not able to completely ban information from spreading.

When I saw my sister, her face was dark and her lips were purple. She told me that it was from being beaten. A moment later the head warden called my sister, and said that she hoped that my sister would not hate her. They had committed such heinous crimes--crimes that could not just be shrugged off with merely a few words. Was she now scared?

We came home in the evening and we learned the complete truth. The next morning the local government agents came to harass us but used the excuse of paying us a visit. I boldly refused them at the door, and listed all the methods of torture that the government used. So then all of the leaders wanted to talk to me. I wanted to prevent and eliminate all of the evils that are against my sister and against Falun Dafa, so I ignored them. I could no longer allow them to control my family and torture my sister.

Regretfully, I was not able to realize the truth until all these crimes had been committed. Who is the real criminal that has caused all the pain and suffering to my sister and to my family? My sister is such a good person, and she has done nothing wrong! To all family members of practitioners: aren't your family members who practise Falun Gong all kind people as well? If they are kind people, then why are you afraid to acknowledge it? Use your own judgment to distinguish the righteous from the evil, and also, don't be afraid of the suppression from those who hold power and let your family members suffer any further.

As for my sister, I will protect her, support her and help her, and along with her I will let the world know that Falun Dafa has done no wrong! As for her condition, it is slowly improving.

August 10, 2001

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