The Tuanhe Labour Camp Tortures Practitioner Lu Changjun to the Point of Paralysis


Apart from using electric batons, the Tuanhe Labour Camp officials also uses "reformed" practitioners [Note: practitioners who have renounced their belief under force and are employed by the police to persecute their fellow practitioners] to ruthlessly torture steadfast practitioners. These people who routinely beat practitioners include Zhang Wenlong, Zhao Lianzhong, Han Junqing, and Guo Jianxin. Among them, Zhang Wenlong is the most notorious. He has tried many things to force Lu Changjun to give up his belief, beating Lu to the point where he was paralyzed and had to be sent to the hospital. After hearing the news, his family turned to the courts for justice. The labour camp first encouraged the torture, and then they tried to cover it up after this incident. However, Lu's family does not want to accept the result and continues to sue them. In the summer they sent their complaint to the City Intermediate Court. It was reported that the court has accepted the case, but the result of the trial is unknown.


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