Practitioner Zhang Guirong on the Verge of Death

[Dalian City, Liaoning Province]

Practitioner Zhang Guirong is 50 years old. She was arrested in July 2001 for distributing Falun Dafa flyers and sent to the detention centre in the Jinzhou District of Dalian. She was sentenced to labour camp on Sept 17. On the way to the Masanjia Labour Camp, the police stopped at Wafangdian City and sent her to the city hospital for unknown reasons. At present, Zhang lies in a coma at the hospital. She has wounds on her face and head that required stitches. She has been reduced to little more than skin and bone, and her complexion has turned deathly pale. Her head has been shaved, and she has lost several teeth. Her face is distorted nearly beyond recognition. Shortly after her family arrived at the hospital, the police went away and never showed up again.

Her family went to the police department in Jinzhou District to ask for an explanation. Their reply was, "We have no idea. We know nothing about it." According to doctors at the hospital, the police had sent two female practitioners to the hospital at that time.

The other practitioner's name is unknown. She wasn't severely wounded and could walk on her own. The police tied her up after her treatment and took her away in their van.


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