Disabled Practitioner in Sichuan Province Arrested and Charged with Seeking to "Overthrow the National Regime"

[Mianning County, Sichuan Province]

Sichuan Province Mianning County is located in the remote mountain area of Lianshan Prefecture. There are only a few Falun Dafa practitioners and they don't contact each other. Practitioners Shang Qingling, Xu Xiaoxiang were illegally arrested and charged with seeking to "overthrow the national regime" because they distributed truth-clarifying materials about Falun Dafa. These two practitioners refused to stop practising or talk about the origin of the materials. They started to fast at the beginning of September 7 for an unconditional release. Mianning County police replied, "If you don't talk about the origin of the materials and write the statement of repentance, you won't be released even if you fast. If you die, then you die."

It was reported that early this year, there was one practitioner who died from fasting in a coerced brainwashing class in Mianning County.

Practitioner Shang Qingling's left leg was disabled due to infantile paralysis and she had to walk on crutches. After she practiced Falun Dafa she became healthy in both mind and body, nevertheless she was charged with the crime of seeking to "overthrow the national regime" due to her belief in Falun Dafa.

One of the criminals: Wang Ning, Director of Mianning County Police Station Legal System Section.


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