Capital Steel Company Persecutes Falun Dafa Practitioners: Victims and Persecutors named

Xu and Liu (female, from Ore Company), officials of the 610 Office [illegal office set up on June 6th 1999 to persecute Falun Dafa] of the Headquarters of Capital Steel Company, held a brainwashing class on September 4 in the Yanjiao Machinery Factory with four reformed people [people brainwashed through torture and propaganda methods]. The Vice Secretary of the factory's XX Party Committee, Zhang Chenghua, attempted to deceive two practitioners into going to the brainwashing class but failed. Afterwards they went to the workshop to deceive Chen Xiuling, a practitioner who was working in the workshop, vainly attempting to force her to give up practising. Practitioner Chen was determined to resist this kind of deception. The thugs also went to the dormitories of the employees to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners but failed again. On September 11, the class host failed to hold the brainwashing class and had to leave.

However, the evil did not rest. On September 14, Zhang Chenghua and some other thugs kidnapped practitioner Chen Xiuling, forcing her into a car while she was working. She was sent to Capital Steel Company Headquarters to attend the vicious brainwashing class; there has been no further word about her.

List of Thugs:

Zhang Chenghua: Vice secretary of the Party Committee in Capital Steel's Yanjiao Machinery Factory. Home phone: 011-86-10-61597519

Gou Jianshe: Director of the Security Section of Capital Steel's Yanjiao Machinery Factory. Home phone: 011-86-10-61596948

Huo Yujia: Secretary of the XX Youth League of Capital Steel's Yanjiao Machinery Factory. Home phone: 011-86-10-61596800

Liu, Xu: 610 Office of Capital Steel Company Headquarters


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