I Saw Light in People's Faces

By Falun Dafa practitioners travelling in Estonia

A group of nine practitioners from four countries (Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Canada) travelled to Estonia in order to introduce Falun Dafa and to clarify the truth about the persecution to the people living there. I would like to share a short experience we had while we were in the city of Tallin.

One day we stood in a park handing out flyers. People who passed by looked very sad and unhappy, but when I handed out Falun Gong flyers, their faces lit up and they smiled at me. Later on when I was practising the standing exercises, I suddenly heard a child's voice asking me in his native Estonian language, "What are you doing?" I was surprised and opened my eyes and saw a little boy standing in front of me. He wanted to learn the movements but the mother didn't have time, so she rushed him away. A few minutes later the boy was back again. The mother couldn't do anything but wait for the boy. A practitioner explained the principle of Falun Gong to the boy's mother. Upon hearing about it, the mother said she felt as if it was a gift from God. She then became worried that the boy might forget the movements he was learning. I told them that we had videotapes of the exercises with us. One practitioner from Latvia went to get one for her while the boy was learning the sitting meditation. When the practitioner came back with the videotape and handed it to him he jumped up and down happily.

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