Czech Republic: Zhang Cuiying’s Exhibition for VIPs in Prague

On the second day of Zhang Cuiying’s painting exhibition in the Czech Republic, practitioners set up a special exhibition in a luxury hotel where Czech VIPs usually stay. Cuiying’s paintings were hung in the inner foyer of the hotel. VIPs, including representatives from the Czech Senate, the Czech Parliament, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Czech Theatre, were present. The Office of the Mayor of Prague also sent representatives to the exhibition.

One Senator was deeply moved by the experiences of Falun Gong practitioners in China, as well as their kindness, and he was touched by the beauty of Zhang Cuiying’s paintings. He offered his help and said that he believes Dafa practitioners can find a lot of support among the Czech government officials.

Throughout the exhibition, letters and telephone calls that expressed support from Members of Parliament who were unable to attend and from other branches of the Government continued to arrive. The artist Zhang Cuiying was approached in the street by a security guard who recognised her from a programme he saw on Czech television. He was very pleased to meet her, shook her hand and bid her success. It was another successful and inspiring day in Prague.

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