Changlinzi Labour Camp Officials Brutally Beat Practitioners

On August 10, 2001, in the Changlinzi Labour Camp in Heilongjiang Province, director Shi, accompanied by several guards, opened the door of Unit No.4. At that time there were 40 practitioners in Unit No.4. Director Shi asked guards to call the roll and whoever was called went out the door. In the end, 17 people remained. Then practitioner Zhang Lin was called on. A guard twisted Zhang's hands behind his back and held him tightly. Others swarmed up and brutally beat him without explanation. When the other 16 practitioners saw this they ran up and tried to protect Zhang, but the inhuman director Shi ordered guards and common criminals (there were many criminals in the room at that time) to severely beat those 16 practitioners. Director Shi also commanded that the practitioners' hands and feet be tied with ropes. They grabbed the ropes and dragged practitioners back and forth on the ground. All other practitioners shouted from inside the room, "The guards are beating people!" At this time, practitioners outside also rushed to the door and shouted, "Don't beat people." Guards outside barred these fellow practitioners. By then, Zhang Lin was already unconscious due to the torture. The 16 others were bruised all over from the dragging, and their clothes were torn. They saw that the practitioners were unmoved and thus gave up, loosened the ropes on practitioners and put Zhang Lin into a car and sent him to a hospital.


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