First Hand Experience of the Brutal Persecution

On May 11, 2000, A Falun Gong practitioner in China [Name omitted] went to Tiananmen Square to appeal against the persecution. She was immediately arrested by plainclothes policemen and sent to the Tiananmen Police Station.
She was detained in the police department for one day, then transferred to the local Development Zone and detained for seven days without any due legal process. In a room on the third storey of Yanjiao Branch Police Station, she was brutally beaten and tortured by police officer Yang Xizhong. She states: “He shocked me twice with an electric baton. He hit my shoulder(s) with his fists, yanked my hair and forced me to kneel. I was also forced to squat for about two hours. Yang said, "If I throw you out of the third storey, are you still going to practice? I'll fine you 5,000 Yuan [about US$625]. If you don't have the money, I'll tear down your house." I was aching all over from the beatings and couldn't sleep for over ten days. I also suffered great psychological stress.”

During her detention, the police department chief instigated policeman Yang Xizhong, saying, "Beat her hard; call the Railroad Bureau to put pressure on them."

She was fined by Yanjiao's Development Zone Government as listed below:

1. Yanjiao Development Zone fined her 10,000 Yuan [about US$1,250], which was deducted from her husband's monthly salary [The average monthly salary is 500.00 Yuan].

2. Sanhe City Police Department fined her 5,000 Yuan, [about US$625] giving no receipt.

In addition, her husband spent over 20,000 Yuan [about US$2,500] arranging for my release on bail.


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