The Solemn Declaration of a non-Practitioner Who was Once Deceived by Lies

Written by Zhen Zhen

I am a girl who grew up in a rural area of China. When I was in junior high school, there was a question on my exam paper regarding Falun Gong. The teacher told us: "The person who defames Falun Gong the most gets the highest grade." At that time, I complied with the vicious beings' intention to slander Falun Dafa because I did not know the truth about Falun Gong, and I was also tempted to get a "high grade." Now I am in the working world and my boss is a Falun Gong practitioner. I have noticed that he and his fellow practitioners all have compassionate and pure hearts; it is totally different from what is depicted on television. Their words and activities are not against society or humanity. I like to be with them because they are all very peaceful and compassionate. They never have bad intentions toward others; if I hadn't witnessed it with my own eyes, I would never have believed they are good people.

When I was still in school, the television programmes and teachers deceived me; as a result, I wrote things that defamed Falun Dafa, now I regret it terribly. Although I am not a Falun Gong practitioner, I know that a good person will not side with bad people to spread rumours that will hurt others. I now declare that every bad thing I wrote about Falun Gong while I was in school is all null and void. At the same time, I am also reading the book now. I am in the process of gaining a better understanding of Falun Gong: why are Falun Gong practitioners so benevolent?


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