Practitioners in the Xiguoyuan Detention Centre Start a Hunger Strike to Mourn Fellow Practitioners

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province]

The Xiguoyuan Detention Centre tortured practitioner Liu Lanxiang to death in April 2001 and Zhang Fengyun in August. After Zhang Fengyun's death, the officials tried to block the news from leaking out by cancelling all outdoor activities for the inmates. They even sent meals to individual cells instead of letting the inmates eat together. Still, the terrible news spread from Group 14, where the death took place, to Team 15. On August 18, the practitioners in Team 15 proposed three requests: 1. Hold a funeral for Liu Lanxiang and Zhang Fengyun. 2. Eliminate the rule that forbids practitioners from talking to each other. 3. Release all of the practitioners. Along with these requests, the practitioners started a hunger strike.


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