Photo Report: First Group of Four Practitioners Kick Off European Region SOS Rescue Walk

To urgently appeal to the kind-hearted people around the world for their support in rescuing the Falun Gong practitioners persecuted in China, four practitioners from America have kicked off the European Region Global SOS Rescue Walk that will total 7,000 miles.

The practitioners will take three routes in Europe - the main route, northern route and southern route, totalling more than 7,000 miles. Two Chinese practitioners will take the main route. They will fly from Boston to Paris via Iceland and plan to walk a total of 2,854.6 miles in four months through more than 10 countries including France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, etc. The second route goes along the Eastern line of Europe. American practitioner Maria will fly to Estonia. From there she plans to walk 1,247.5 miles, passing through Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and ending in Bulgaria. Canadian practitioner Connie will fly to Lisbon, Portugal to start the Southern route. She will pass Spain and Italy, including the Vatican, for a total of 3,197.1 miles.

For details please check We invite more people to join the walk. Please contact if you would like to join.

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