To Feel Master’s Compassion and the Strength In My Truth Clarification Work

By a practitioner from Sweden

Greetings Master!
Greetings fellow practitioners!

Hello everybody! My name is Zhongmin Hu and I will soon be 16 years old. I have been practising Falun Dafa with my parents since I was young, and because I refused to join the Communist Party's Youth League, I was bullied by teachers and students during primary school.

I moved to Sweden with my whole family in 2011, 7 years ago, and 2018 is my last year in junior high school. When I was in primary school in Sweden I didn't understand the seriousness of saving people and I also seldom participated in truth clarification activities. I simply didn't know how to proceed in clarifying the truth, and for this reason I never got the chance to tell anything to my teachers and classmates in school.

After that mistake, I made the decision that I had to clarify the truth in school when I started junior high. At least the ones who are in the same class as me should understand the truth. But time waits for no one. Three years passed by in a flash, and I faced the end of ninth grade and the national tests. Even though I had the wish for truth clarification at the back of my head during those 3 years, I never did it. And when the school tests were on their way, and my studies were very important, I could only see the time running out day by day.

In the beginning of the spring term, two girls came to our classroom during a lesson. Their homework was in Social Studies and they were asking people for support which they could then send to large organisations, such as UNICEF.

I didn’t have the thought to help then, and soon forgot about it. But after a few days I thought one evening: “The things that I am doing are also about human rights. Why can't I clarify the truth and collect signatures in the same way these students were?”

The collection of signatures against organ harvesting is a physical goal, which is easy for people to accept. I am quite experienced in speaking about organ harvesting after all these years of participating in truth clarifying activities.

After a few weeks, I brought up this idea with my parents, and they thought it was a good one. Now, when everything was ready I only needed the approval from my class mentor to start the project – but it never happened because of my human attachments and worrying that I never told my idea to the class mentor. Next came the national school tests, so I had to give up the plan. It was maybe the thought that counted, as Master created a much better path for me.

After the national tests the Swedish teacher gave us one last school test: To write a speech. The speech could be about anything, and we could also choose whether we wanted to read it to the class. When I heard about that I thought: “I can talk about anything in front of the class when all are here. Is this not a perfect chance for clarifying the truth!?”

Before we could start, the teacher wanted us to share with each other and discuss our topics for the speech, because the main theme is often the most difficult part to find for a speech. I took the chance and simply summarized my idea for the class to see their reaction, but what I hadn't expected was such a totally positive response. Everyone looked forward to my speech.

After I had got good comments from my teacher and classmates I started to write my speech. I drew from my teachers’ sessions on how to write a speech. I included my personal story and statistical data. My teacher helped with a small amount of editing, and finally my presentation was a success.

Everybody in the class applauded and the teacher also thought that I had chosen a good subject. When I went back to my seat I really felt how Master had helped me and strengthened my abilities. The term was soon to finish, so the teacher wouldn't be grading the speech. It couldn't have been a coincidence that I got this task. Master must have created an opportunity for me. I usually have stage fright and don’t dare to speak in front of many people, especially about something as important as organ harvesting. I would never have been able to do the speech with such fluency on my own, if it wasn't for help from Master. After the lesson, my classmates came to me and asked how they could help to stop organ harvesting, so I gave them the link to the online petition.

While I wrote my speech a classmate was going to arrange a graduation ball where all students from the ninth grade and teachers at school were invited. He said I was welcome to contact him if I wanted to present my speech.

This year we had 4 classes in ninth grade. If I could present my speech at the graduation ball I could for sure save many people! But because of some human attachments I avoided this opportunity. It wasn’t until I presented my speech in front of the class and received very positive results, that I dared to ask him if I could speak at the ball. But I worried in vain, because he asked me first whether I wanted to present my speech at the graduation ball, before I could say anything.

I had been looking for this chance for a long time, and finally decided to take it. I discussed this with my father and edited my speech again and again. I included more stories to have more fluency in the speech and make it more personal. Organ harvesting should not sound like something distant from the audience. I edited the language and paragraphs. At the same time, I included more positive news, like the exposure of this atrocity in the West and the work done against organ harvesting. I didn’t want my speech to end up putting a gloomy outlook on the party goers, therefore it needed “positive energy”. Taken into consideration how I used the online petition last time and got uncertain results, I printed 20 petitions that have 10 names each, more than enough regardless of how many attended. I packed everything I needed for the petition and headed to the graduation ball.

The main speeches from the organiser who arranged the ball and the principal were first, then the starter and main course were served. After that the organiser came to my table and said that I should prepare to give my speech. So I opened the manuscript on my mobile phone and went outside to prepare. But suddenly I hesitated. When I turned around and saw more than one hundred people who would soon listen to my speech I got stage-fright and couldn't calm down.

I was soon to present my speech but I didn't dare to go up on stage. What had happened to me? I became angry at myself: I have gone through so many tribulations to come to this graduation ball and present my speech. What is there to be afraid of? In addition, I have Master watching over me, so it is not possible to fail.

I went over my thoughts a few times and felt calmer in my heart, so I read through the manuscript 2 times and corrected myself before I went to the organiser and said that I was ready. He announced my speech then left me alone in front of the audience. In that time, I felt thousands of eyes looking at me and the stage fright started to return. But I thought about how Master and all the Gods were looking at me just now. I took a deep breath and started to speak.

The speech lasted about 5 minutes, and at the end I called on everyone to sign their names on the petition against organ harvesting.

I received very warm applause after my last sentence. Many people directly went to sign the petition forms, and soon there was a long line waiting to sign. When I saw how many actively wanted to sign, I regretted that I didn’t bring more pens. But nobody complained, and some also spoke with me while they were waiting in line.

Most people thought that it was an important thing to speak about and thanked me for daring to inform them about this. Some said that they would never have dared to stand in front of so many people. A classmate came over, put a hand on my shoulder and asked: “Are you OK?”

When I retuned to my seat, the teacher who sat beside me asked many questions, so I took the opportunity to talk more and answer their questions. Then I went outside to get some fresh air. Someone said: “Organ harvesting sounds like something that North Korea would do, and I would never have believed that China is doing something like this!”

With this as a starting point I told them more about the persecution, and what my family and I suffered when we were in China. All the ones who were in my class and have heard the first version of my speech, especially the organiser, thought that the new speech was more personal and better edited than the previous one. The host also whispered to me that there were many people who had tears in their eyes when I spoke.

Because of time limit I missed out a lot of things I could have talked about. But when I saw how kind-hearted and active everyone was to sign the petition, even if I didn’t provide so much information or evidence, I realised that the speech didn't need to be any longer.

After the ball had finished I had got 90 signatures. The day after I got 2 more people signing the petition from the teacher’s office at school. Therefore there were 92 kind-hearted people in total who had signed, and taken a direct stand against the persecution.

Time passed quickly, and I was soon sat by the stage for the examination ceremony. Our school has a tradition of giving prizes to a student for exceptional performance. Because of my speech I got the year's only “School's award in societal knowledge” prize. They gave me the prize because: “Not only is your knowledge in society impressive, but also your engagement in your work with human rights shows a fantastic will to change and make the world a better place!”

After I had heard this I almost cried on the stage when I got the prize and I thanked the principal, vice principal and all of the teachers, students and parents, but most of all our Master who has protected me and created the path for me the whole time so that I can stand here today.

I got my grades some days after graduation. They reached 292.5 points, which is 17.5 points more than the previous term. I felt one more time how Master always looks after me.

I am honoured to sit here today as a cultivator and share with you my experiences. During my cultivation path Master has time and again helped me through difficult times. Whether it was for the graduation ball or tourist attractions, I can always feel how Master helps me to strengthen my righteous thoughts.

Thank you Master, and thank you all, fellow practitioners!

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