Reciting the Fa and Truly Cultivating

By a pracititoner from Norway

I have been practising Falun Dafa for nearly 21 years. At the beginning of 1999, I began to memorize Zhuan Falun. At the time, I knew the importance of studying the Fa from Master's lectures, and I knew that Dafa disciples in Changchun were memorizing the Fa. So I also started to memorize Zhuan Falun.

Several practitioners memorized the Fa together. We felt very focused with less distracting thoughts, and quick memorization. And we could remember the Fa well for a long time. Fellow practitioners did exercises and studied the Fa together and introduced the Fa to others everywhere. That was my most happy time.

The persecution began on July 20, 1999. In March 2000, I was about to memorize "Qigong is about cultivation" in "Zhuan Falun" when I was taken to the detention centre by the police, because I went to Beijing to appeal against the persecution.

At the beginning, many practitioners were imprisoned together, so we recited the Fa together. Some practitioners could recite the Fa very well. I regretted that I did not begin to memorize the Fa earlier when I was free to do so. But in the detention centre I managed to memorize ‘Hong Yin’ and ‘Essentials for Further Advancement’ with help of fellow practitioners. I memorized the Fa every day and kept strong righteous thoughts. I tried to ‘Never fight back. Never shout back’, and not to be resentful to the police, even when I was being shocked by electric batons or went through barbaric force-feeding.

The police admired Dafa disciples. One of them said: “I would rather not be a police officer, so I can let you go free.”

I knew that Master was helping his disciples by strengthening their strong will and wisdom. We sang songs about Dafa. The detainees and the police all felt that these songs were nice. We wrote "The World's Ten Evils" from "Hong Yin" on the blackboard. The police said that the content is very good and could be on the blackboard for the long-term.

On the day of Master’s birthday, the disciples’ article showing thanksgiving to Master was published on the tabloid newspaper in the detention centre. All the people who had read it said that what our Master said is really nice.

I was often moved to tears by the courage and feats of Dafa disciples facing their difficulties. In almost one year of being in the detention centre, Master arranged fellow practitioners to come to me and help me a lot. At that time, my thoughts were very empty and I became very strong.

Later, we were separated and sent to different prisons. It would be encouragement for us even when we just met in the corridor and saw each other occasionally, because we were not allowed to talk with each other. I did not worry much about my family in those 5 years in prison, even though I had family members of both old age and young age, for example my daughter was 14 back then.

After I came overseas, I began to pay attention to Fa study, and joined the RTC platform to make phone calls to rescue practitioners in China. Most of the practitioners on the platform just came out of China and had a strong desire to rescue fellow practitioners.

But there was also much fighting and conflicts. My pressure was also huge, so I tried to make more phone calls and talk with other practitioners less. However, the human thoughts just exposed themselves from time to time. It was difficult to make a good phone call to China when there was a conflict. It might take several days before the emotion was gone. Since rescuing practitioners was dependent on the cooperation of the whole group, we could save people only through good cooperation.

Usually we made a phone call to China one by one in the RTC room, and other practitioners helped with FZN. I was assigned responsibility for one project on RTC because I didn't need to work and had more free time. I felt the responsibility. I wanted to save every practitioner kidnapped in China. This is my mission.

I had to make a lot of calls from morning to night every day. I often didn't go out for a few months since my husband bought vegetables and made the meals. In the evening, I recited the Fa. At the beginning it was very difficult to memorize. I read articles on Minghui about how practitioners in China memorized the Fa with very strong will. I just kept memorizing.

Master gave me a lot of encouragement. Sometimes I opened Zhuan Falun and saw a small golden light. Once, I saw that every word in the book was moving. That was amazing. Along with the memorizing, Master let me realize many human attachments in myself: saving face, being afraid of criticism, fighting mentality, resentment, liking to express myself, jealousy, and so on. Realizing these attachments was just the first step. But it was very difficult to get rid of them. At this time, I had already recited Zhuan Falun for the second time.

Each attachment was very difficult to eliminate, especially my fighting mentality. When I called the Chinese police, I was moved and my voice became louder. Taiwan practitioners reminded me to lower my voice. I knew that I lacked kindness. I was thinking: I should cultivate kindness, but I lack it, I am really doing badly. I realized that I paid much attention to doing things, but not cultivating my heart in these years.

At that time, I began to pay attention to cultivation of my heart. However, I always could not manage it when facing the tests. It seemed that I was not able to keep my Xinxing when the test appeared, even if I was prepared well for it. Then I realized that I chased the speed of memorizing the Fa, was lost in the form of memorizing it. I began to keep myself calm to memorize Fa by adjusting my heart and attitude. At the same time, I studied Master’s other overseas lectures for about one hour every day. That helped me to understand Zhuan Falun.

Master said in the lecture in San Francisco 2005: "If you truly take these things that seriously, you will be able to restrain them. Then you will be able to weaken them and gradually get rid of them completely. If it's a case where you are aware of it and feel anxious about it, but in practice you don't truly restrain and suppress it, then in reality you are just stopping at this mental activity of seeing and feeling something, but you haven't taken any action to suppress that thing. In other words, you have only thought about it but not actually cultivated and put it into practice."

Then, I understood more clearly. I must act to suppress those bad thoughts. During that time, I just looked inward no matter what unhappy things I encountered, and I was very tolerant to fellow practitioners.

Master took care of our rescuing team all the way with blessing and protection. One case was most impressive. A practitioner was seriously injured in prison.

This practitioner was sent to a hospital with 9 floors in Wenzhou for surgery. In trying to find her, we knew that there are several hospitals with 9 floors in Wenzhou. And there was no registration on the computer in the hospital for Falun Gong practitioners. The practitioners just had numbers rather than names.

We wanted to find out who the police were in charge of this case, the responsible person in the 610 office, and the doctors in the hospital. We wanted to tell the truth to them. It was not easy to find this out and find their mobile numbers. The numbers of the police are secret. We needed to be very wise to contact their colleagues to get it.

However, about 20 practitioners cooperated well, studied the Fa and sent righteous thoughts together every day. It took three months for us to finish this case. We got a lot of help from Master, and we got the numbers of those key persons. Practitioners told the truth from different aspects for them to make wise choices. Finally, this kidnapped practitioner was rescued from the police and came out to the United States. It’s a miracle.

It’s really as Master says, “Cultivation is up to you, Gong is up to the Master”.

Around July 2013, the coordinator asked me to set up a platform for helping to stop the forced organ harvesting in China. We had to call 165 organ transplant hospitals in China and tell the truth to the people working there. During the phone calls with the doctors, we knew that many hospitals used organs from Falun Gong practitioners for transplants. One doctor from a hospital in Shanghai said: “I don't care if they are Falun Gong practitioners, I just care about whether the organ is good or not.”

I thought that these doctors are too pitiful and shouldn’t let themselves be used by Jiang Zemin to persecute Dafa disciples. They would have no future if we did not tell them the truth.

We needed many practitioners to participate to collect phone numbers, and to call them. It was difficult to get many practitioners to take part in the project. But we eventually overcame these difficulties. Thank you Master for your care! Thank you fellow practitioners for your unselfish cooperation. Finally, the film about organ harvesting was released, and the fellow practitioners were really happy about it.

After I did something, I heard some praise from fellow practitioners and became self-absorbed. I tried to remove it when I realized it. But my resentment was still very difficult to eliminate, especially to my husband. We were always in a 'cold war' status before cultivation. But after that things became much better. It was very difficult cultivating when there was this “special family feeling”. I thought that it was the emotion and feeling behind the resentment, and the selfishness behind that.

In recent years, my husband's hand drooped when doing FZN. I reminded him kindly, but he was not happy. I looked inward. If it was someone else, I would not remind him again and again. I did this just because he is my husband and I was afraid that he could not keep up. Was it not selfishness? I did not treat him like a fellow practitioner. Then I tried to put down this “special family feeling”. But even though I already understood the problem, I became more resentful towards him, because he used to respond to me quickly, before he understood what I really mean. I thought that he did not respect others, which I thought was bad.

Recently, I began to memorize my fourth round of Zhuan Falun. It is said in the section of "Your mind must be righteous" that: “This Falun is formed through many generations’ cultivation and has mighty powers.”

I felt the power of Falun for the first time. On the same day, when I was studying overseas lectures, the words ‘cultivator has no evil’ came to my mind. At this time, I felt like the hatred towards my husband was taken away by Master. My tears flowed down immediately for appreciation to Master.

When I shared my experience with my husband, he said that he just realized his own problem after meditation and FZN. He said: "I didn't do well. I didn't think about your feelings." Resentment had been removed, kindness had increased a bit. I felt easier and I was grateful for Master's infinite compassion!

I deeply understood what Master said: "For a cultivator, looking within is a magical tool." (Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference)

I realize that cultivation is to cultivate oneself. Only through this can a person improve one's own realm. Everyone is an individual life with their own mission, with the sentient beings to be saved. The power of cooperation would become big if everyone was doing well with self-cultivation.

I experienced that cultivation is difficult so I can understand the difficulties of every fellow practitioner. We should be tolerant and kind to each other much more. I feel the power of the Fa. I should study the Fa by heart and assimilate to Dafa. Then I could save more sentient beings and not disappoint Master's compassionate salvation!

Thank you Master.
Thank you fellow practitioners.

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