Recite the Fa, Look Within, Save Sentient Beings

By a practitioner from Norway

Greetings dear Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I am a Dafa disciple from Norway. I came to Norway from Thailand in 2006. I would like to share my cultivation experiences of recent years with you and Master.

Reciting the Fa and looking inwards
I started to recite the Fa in 2010. I realised it was not simply reciting the Fa, but more importantly, understanding the Fa in-depth, and during the process of looking within I assimilated to the Fa. Reciting the Fa was cultivation, and it was proactive cultivation. After several years of reciting the Fa I’ve benefited tremendously. I’ve not only learned to look inward, but have also increased my power of saving people, and my understanding of how to look at problems holistically, and how to break the arrangement of the old forces as a whole. I know that it all came from Master's compassionate strengthening.

Master said: “Because the ways of cultivation practices are like a pyramid; only the central path is the main route. On those side and small paths, one’s xinxing level in cultivation practice may not be high. One may become enlightened without achieving a high level of cultivation. They are, however, far inferior to the main road of genuine cultivation practice.”

("Zhuan Falun", Lecture Five) I realised Dafa cultivation required us to follow this central path of the pyramid. This road has no particular form, but it is narrow. How can you walk this central path? Only when you look inward and improve your mindset can you walk this central path of the pyramid, and not be disturbed or have problems arise.

The first time I recited the Fa, sentence-by-sentence I overcame the difficulty of memorising the Fa. I came to realise I had massive gaps in my cultivation and this produced a strong desire to look inward. I realised Master was helping me and gave me this opportunity to improve my xinxing.

I remember once after our local group Fa study, some fellow practitioners felt our environment was a little negative. I suggested to the coordinator everyone should look inward. The coordinator said: “You proposed to look inward, then you should be the first to look inward. The sharing for next week after Fa study will be about you looking inward.” At that time, I felt it was good for the overall environment. It was an opportunity for me to improve. I accepted it happily! Looking at it now, the words were said by the coordinator but that was Master’s careful arrangement, a precious opportunity Master gave me!

This time, I looked within especially for the conflicts between me and fellow practitioners and the contradictions with the coordinator. I found grievances, fears, and shortcomings of talking about fellow practitioners behind their backs. I had not yet concluded my sharing, and the time was up. The coordinator said next time I could still continue to share about looking inward. However, I felt I couldn’t find much more but I always felt it was an opportunity to improve, and I always thought about how I could look deeper. In my mind, Master’s Fa suddenly appeared: “These problems have already become very serious. It would be good if they could manage to search within themselves for the things that they have been able to find in others.” (“Essentials for Further Advancement”, Dialogue with Time) I felt like another door opened in my heart, and I immediately understood how to go thoroughly deeper looking inwards. So I used five minutes to list more than twenty negative parts I saw in my fellow practitioners, and then I reflected these back to look at myself. I actually had the same problems within me. The surrounding environment was a reflection of my attachments. I finally took a step forward and then went a step further. I found the roots of all the issues came from my ego and selfishness.

Looking inward at a particular level was like a Tai Chi. It was easy to find the yang side of the human problem, but the yin side was really the other side of the same Tai Chi. The hidden attachments were hard to see, and people were just looking outward, observing the inadequacies of other practitioners. When we witness inadequacy if we reflect on ourselves, our xinxing will definitely be raised up one level.

Going back, I studied Master's Fa again: "These problems have already become very serious. It would be good if they could manage to search within themselves for the things that they have been able to find in others.” What a crucial compassionate enlightening hint!

Sometimes I look inward but can’t find the answer. What is that about? Master asked us to demand high standards of ourselves and to reach even higher standards. However, the mistakes we make in cultivation are when we ask others to meet high standards but conduct ourselves with low standards. That is viewing things as other people's problems, instead of seeing our own problems.

I used to be the presenter for the Sound of Hope radio for a while in New York, and I often made mistakes. Because it was a live broadcast, if I made a mistake, I couldn’t change it. However, the coordinator emphasized at each meeting the broadcaster cannot make mistakes, but must just be like a reading machine. How can you not go wrong with a half-hour program? Every time I thought like this, the situation with reading did not improve.

On one occasion the coordinator said he wanted to use Shen Yun as an example. I immediately understood. Why is it Shen Yun hardly made mistakes? They have shown this can be achieved: why can Shen Yun do it and not me? Because my requirements for my own standards are set too low. After this realisation, my situation underwent a fundamental change. I went from making frequent mistakes to making very few mistakes.

In "2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”, Master said: “Countless, innumerable beings are watching you closely, without taking their eyes off you for even just a moment! The entire cosmos is being impacted. Even within a space that’s the size of the tip of a needle there are countless hundreds of millions of beings watching you.”

So many gods are watching Dafa disciples. In fact, I am in the spotlight of the universe. My every thought is being watched by numerous Gods. Even at the size of a needle tip there would be hundreds of millions of lives watching us. Gods are observing us in microscopic detail with high standards, and the level I have managed to cultivate to is still rough and coarse. Sometimes I might feel I am better than others. This is my ignorance and stupidity in my cultivation. If I zoomed in on the path I have walked thus far, I would find problems. The more you zoom in, the more problems you find.

Once, when I reviewed and analyzed two hours of experiences that had just passed, I found myself feeling bitter with selfish thoughts of wanting comfort, and so on. These thoughts had occupied me for more than 80% of my time, whilst sending righteous thoughts. Looking within, thinking from the perspective of the Fa barely came into mind. It was only when I reminded myself I am a cultivator, that I was in the Fa. Once I relaxed, my thoughts were basically for the sake of self-interest and how to make gains. I was manipulated by my human notions. I understood why Master spoke about the Fa of all the eyes watching us. Master was letting me enlarge and magnify myself to see my true self, to see the problem and expose my human heart.

Master said: "When human beings look at the world, they do so from amidst one level of particles. For example, this world that human beings see is between two types of particles—molecules and planets—and they look at this world from amidst the particles that are made up of molecules. Gods are different. A god looks at, within the scope of his abilities, the outcomes of what will happen with all the particles in the cosmos as they relate to one thing. They look at things multi-dimensionally and from all perspectives, and that’s why multiple goals are achieved by the things they arrange.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students”)

Through reciting the Fa and looking inward, the way I saw problems changed. I have slowly learned to look at problems holistically, I no longer pay attention to the reasons at the surface, and I’m not confused by surface reasons.

"It is true that the old forces have taken advantage of every chance they have gotten. They have done awful things even to the Dafa disciples whom I really guided and led in history."

"But they made a special dial for the Fa-rectification, and in every dimension they have done certain things surreptitiously. They have even involved the world's people, and planted this kind of dial in humans' bodies. That is why when [the dial] moves, shifts in the state of affairs for human beings on Earth take place. It's exactly because those things are at work.”("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles”)

I realized reciting the Fa and looking inward carried great power. After a day of reciting the Fa, I sent righteous thoughts. I saw a pink wheel-shaped thing that came out of my body and fell into the hands of an old forces god standing on a mountain full of dust. It said to me: With you reciting the Fa and looking inward, there’s nothing more I can do to you.

After I learned to recite the Fa and look inward, my xinxing improved greatly. I was eager for a cultivation environment where everyone looked inward. Shen Yun had not performed in Nordic countries for many years, we lacked the environment of looking inward, were ruined by the old forces, and our cultivation states had fallen. The practitioners were suffering and sentient beings were in jeopardy.

When I thought about it, the problem was with Fa study. The way we were undertaking Fa study, and doing the three things, was according to the Old Forces’ arrangement. If everyone was able to recite the Fa that would be so good. I knew that reciting the Fa was cultivation, and reciting the Fa and looking inward could break the old forces’ arrangements. I intended to set up a Nordic Fa recital group.

During the Nordic group meeting, I shared my thoughts and proposed the establishment of the Nordic Fa recital group. Everyone gave their full support. On March 15, 2018, the Nordic Fa recital group was established.

Every day we spend two hours reciting "Zhuan Falun" then we recite "Hong Yin" for ten minutes and have learned to recite several of Master’s Hong Yin collections. In Zhuan Falun we are able to recite up to the fourth lecture. Everyone cherishes the sacredness of reciting the Fa that Master has created for us.

In addition, I also coordinated another online Fa recital group. Most of the members of this group were fellow practitioners from the United States. The maximum age was 85 years old. Every day after we recited the Fa, we shared experiences of reciting the Fa and looking inward. At the beginning, everyone was not used to looking inward daily and sharing, as they felt there was not much to share. So I shared my experience of looking inward. Gradually everyone got used to looking inward every day, and the more they looked the deeper they looked. As time went on, mutual understanding grew deeper. Later, we not only looked inward, but also hoped that other fellow practitioners would point out our problems to assist us in improving faster. Obviously, our capacity to accept fellow practitioners pointing out shortcomings increased, and more importantly, we actively cultivated ourselves rather than only doing so when going through tribulations.

During the process of reciting the Fa and looking inward, we formed a solid body, which was consolidated by the Fa. Recently, among fellow practitioners one person encountered difficulties, and we all looked inward. Everyone deeply felt that this was what Master wanted.

The power of Divinity through song
I remember when I first went to truth clarification sites, I met a tour group. I clarified the facts and a female tourist said; don't tell me, you should sing! I didn’t react at the time. On the way home, I realised Master used the mouth of this tourist to give me a hint and to use my skills to save sentient beings.

I loved music since I was a child. I can sing and play musical instruments. It was actually an ability Dafa has given me to clarify the facts to save sentient beings.

One day, I arrived at the Norwegian Sculpture Park. Two tour groups rushed past me. No one stopped to listen to me. However, a group of tourists sitting in the distance waved to me. I immediately walked over. These groups of people seemed to be the leaders and staff of government agencies, and most of them were men. I clarified the facts to them right away. When I talked about the "Nine Commentaries" and quitting the party, some people asked: "How do you know the Communist Party has persecuted more than 80 million people? How? You are selling out your country." As they spoke they surrounded me and loudly insulted me. I immediately felt as if I had returned to the environment in Mainland China. I thought Dafa disciples had to play the leading role. So, I sang the song “Heaven will destroy the CCP” loudly.

The waves of quitting the evil party are higher and higher
The huge waves are unstoppable and the CCP is about to die
The CCP’s crimes are heinous and Gods arranged the Final Judgement
Heaven will destroy the CCP. Quit the party to keep your life safe

When I started singing, the group of people immediately stopped muttering and stepped back. After I sang, they said, “You actually sang very well." I realised the song cleared the evil factors behind them, and their positive sides began to work. When I saw that the effect was very good, I sang "Come for You". At that time, I really wholeheartedly sang "Precious Chinese people, you know that the whole world is saying that Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is good, don't miss this opportunity." I was very moved. After I sang, they said: You should switch careers to singing, you sing very well. I saw the time was ripe and began to persuade them to quit the CCP. As a result, six people were willing to quit.

Now, I often use song to clarify the facts to save people. I found singing and telling the truth had two major advantages. Usually when telling the truth to multiple people it is all too easy to get into an argument. Once an argument starts, the effectiveness of persuading someone to quit the CCP is greatly reduced. If at this time, you use the singing voice to tell the truth, the tourists will calm down and listen to it, and there is irresistible power. Thus this time I used song to clarify the facts, and it allowed me to break through the situation of clarifying the facts at the site.

Another time, a group of tourists sat at the back door of the park waiting for the coach, I heard the tour guide say the coach would come in 40 minutes. Wasn't this a chance for me to clarify the facts? But when I spoke to them their faces were all expressionless, and there was no reaction, like they didn’t hear it at all. I took out two sets of Shen Yun songbooks, and sang from the beginning, one after the other, and slowly some of them walked over to read the truth clarification display boards. I pointed to the board to tell them about the fake Tiananmen self-immolation incident. In particular, the United Nations Educational Development Organisation issued a statement as early as 2004: The Tiananmen Square self-immolation was a scam directed by the CCP to persecute Falun Gong and was a state terrorism act. I pointed to the sentences to show them. Then I talked about the crime of forced organ harvesting by the CCP. Then I made up their pseudonyms and persuaded them to quit the CCP. When no one came around I’d start singing again.

This 40 minutes became my personal concert. Dafa songs can penetrate the hearts of people to clear the evil. I felt the ice in their hearts was melted by the song, and their hearts unlocked by compassion.

They got up and went to the coach, they passed the truth clarification display boards. Everyone had a look of admiration. They no longer portrayed a state of insensitivity and disdain. A lady who followed from behind said to me: "Thank you, you sang very well." The man who was last in the queue appeared to be a leader of the group. He walked past me, then turned around and gave a thumbs up. Apparently his heart was touched by the Shen Yun songs and showed righteous thoughts towards Dafa and Dafa disciples. I watched their shadowy backs disappear as they left and felt warm, and there was no feeling of fatigue. I realised Master was strengthening me.

One day, at the Norwegian Sculpture Park, three mainland students came. They were studying at a school in Malmö, Sweden. When I went to clarify the facts to them, they waved and said, "You don't have to tell us the truth." I watched as they became distant walking away, I sighed in my heart: It was a pity such a young life did not want listen to the truth! By now, the students had walked down the grass slope more than 100 metres away.

Seeing there was no tour group coming over, I went on to practice singing: I first sang "For You" and then sang "My Heart Is as Vast as the Ocean” (Hongyin IV). What surprised me was the students came back and walked straight towards me. Does the song have such power? Were they really awakened? I was still not sure. "Your song was very crisp. Can you repeat the lyrics of the two songs you just sang?" So I read out the lyrics.

Coming For you

Coming from far away,
Again and again, I come for you,
I come with love for you.
Precious Chinese people, please listen to my heart-felt voice,
Wonderful Falun Dafa, Falun Dafa Hao!
See the truth behind those lies.
Facing violence and danger,
Again and again, I come for you,
I come with love for you.
Precious Chinese people, do you know that the whole world says,
“Wonderful Falun Dafa, Falun Dafa Hao!”
Do not miss this precious chance.
Do not miss this precious chance, this precious chance!

My Heart Is as Vast as the Ocean
My heart is as vast as the ocean
All under the blue sky is my stage
Assisting Master to save beings is my promise
Spreading the truth is Gods’ arrangement
Sweet dew sprinkled all over the land, huts, and palaces
Eons of waiting are not in vain
The Creator has already come
Amid hardship, Dafa disciples are saving beings with all their might
The crazed ones are standing on the edge of the cliff
Although the injustice we endure remains
What the red tide raises are the heroes of the ages
Since we are walking toward a divine future

After they listened to the lyrics, one student said they were willing to listen to my cultivation story. So I told him my story of the spiritual and physical benefits. I interlaced truth clarification content as I spoke. The students patiently listened to my story. Right at this time, a Chinese tour group came. Some people wanted newspapers, and when I clarified the facts to the new arrivals, the students quietly left. Although I didn't have time to help them quit the CCP, I thought they should have understood the truth.

After they left, I kept thinking about why Master arranged songs in the Shen Yun programme. It’s because the song can clear the evil factors behind it, and can awaken people's conscience, so they can call back predestined people from afar.

The above was my cultivation experiences of finding ways to save people through reciting the Fa and looking inward. If anything was inappropriate, please compassionately correct me.

Thank you Master!
Thank you fellow practitioners!

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