The Best Thing in My Life Ever

By a practitioner from France

My name is Thuy, I am 57 years old and live in France. I was born in Vietnam, in a Buddhist family. My parents taught me how to read the Buddhist prayers from the age of eight. At this time, I did not understand the meaning very well but I understood that Buddhas are enlightened beings thanks to their cultivation. For me, Buddha Shakyamuni was a good example. However, I thought that as an ordinary person, I was not able to achieve the enlightenment that He did.

My father advised me to maintain forever the principles of authenticity, compassion and trust in others.

The war ended when I was 14 years old and I lived under the Communist regime. At school, I was taught Darwin’s theory. Growing up, I wanted to know more about it so I read his books. I was confused between his theory and Buddhist concepts. I went to the temple less and less and was disappointed by most of the Buddhist monks I met. Nevertheless, I was always asking God to guide me, to show me the right way and to help me meet a genuine master. I attempted to understand the theories of different Buddhist schools. Eventually, I was convinced that meditation was very good for me. But each time I started to meditate, something invisible would prevent me from doing it.

At the end of summer 2016, I was looking for a method to help my brother heal his cancer and I found the videos of Falun Dafa exercises online. First, I thought it was an ordinary qigong to improve health. I learned the first four exercises within 2 days. I was very surprised to see my back pain relieved. I told my daughter about it but she mentioned that she heard that to practise Falun Dafa, one needs to be vegetarian otherwise the pain would become worse later. Therefore, I was afraid and I stopped and forgot about the practice.

In June 2017, I suddenly thought about Falun Dafa and I was wondering if there are books about it. I wanted to read them. I did research on the Internet and first found the nine audio conferences of Master Li Hongzhi. As soon as I heard the first one, I was full of joy. It awakened something inside me. I was deeply touched as if a new universe was opening just in front of me. I listened to the lectures from morning to evening and I continue to listen to them every day with great gratitude to Master Li. It is a wonderful thing that I have been looking for for a long time. Since the first day I heard the lectures, I have been so happy to be a Falun Dafa practitioner.

I believe I have a great chance to be born in this period when I can learn Dafa. Before I knew Falun Dafa, I thought I was a good person. But since I started practising, I‘ve read and read again the teachings of Master and I realize that I still have a lot attachments to relinquish in order to assimilate to Zhen-Shan-Ren. I need to continue my cultivation; I need to control my thoughts, my words and my actions… to become a better person and more.

Two weeks after I started to cultivate, I saw Master Li in a dream. He was wearing white clothes and was standing in a great monument. I walked toward Him; I knelt down and put my hands in Heshi to silently thank Him. I didn’t want to disrupt Him. Suddenly, He turned His head in my direction and put His hand on His chest. His look was benevolent. I said to myself, “Oh, He is a genuine Buddha!“ Then, he left.

Since then, the pains I had in my shoulders and neck have disappeared. The dysfunction I had in my herniated discs went gradually. I have been practising for a year now and no longer have any health problems.

Now, when I face a problem, I look inside to understand the reasons. I always have the Fa in my mind and I can control my anger and my actions better. I forgive others sincerely for their sake, while I was doing it for my own sake before. I still have attachments that I cannot relinquish right away. However, I am walking on my cultivation path and I will do my best to relinquish them.

When I talk about Falun Dafa or when I help others to cultivate and practise Falun Dafa, I am thinking of their sake and I don’t think of my own cultivation. I am really touched by practitioners who conform to Zhen-Shan-Ren while they are suffering from persecution. I feel I must tell the world about this injustice. I wish from the bottom of my heart that this cruelty will end very soon.

My greatest wish is that everyone recognizes Falun Dafa is good and cultivates and practises following the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.

I greatly thank Master for bringing Dafa to the world.

I am just a new practitioner. My understanding is limited. Please correct me if what I wrote is not correct.

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