Cultivating myself at the truth clarification site near the Eiffel Tower

Experience sharing from the 2017 Euriopean Fa Conference in Paris

I came to France in mid-September 2014, and joined the truth clarification site near the Eiffel tower at the end of that September. With the kind help from practitioners, I quickly adapted to this project. When I was in China, I would also go out to clarify the truth and distribute materials. My truth clarification at that time would first start with some general topics rationally, then clarify the truth with wit.

The situation near the Eiffel Tower is different, because I can speak freely with an open mind. Master arranges so many Chinese to come overseas, the purpose of which is to let them hear the truth and be saved. I’m determined to clarify the truth at the tourist site every day. When tourists get out of their bus and head for restaurants, I follow their group to clarify the truth to them. Some tourists agree to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and thank me repeatedly; some just smile quietly; some refuse to listen; some even verbally abuse me; sometimes the person you speak to will not listen, and his rejection and opposing behaviour is reinforced by others, slandering you, attacking you, pointing a finger to you, shouting loudly, intentionally stopping you from clarifying the truth. Are you moved in that case? How should I face all of that?

Sometimes when my self-esteem was threatened, I would be moved and feel angry inside. Especially in the following two cases, it is hard to get rid of the fighting mentality. In the first case, the tourist threatens me with the words: “I will call the police if you continue to talk!” I am strongly irritated and reply loudly: “Our truth clarification is to save people, let people avoid danger; it’s good for all of you; it’s immoral if you report us to police in China, you will get retribution from heaven. If you call the French police, they will not let you get back to China easily, for the whole world knows that Falun Dafa is good.” Then that person will slip away and cannot be saved anymore. This is the manifestation of fighting mentality and complaining. It’s telling him the truth, helping him to change the notions polluted by the CCP, but without compassion. The second case, when some tourists intentionally question and threaten me, I reply loudly. One time, I encountered a middle-aged man. I clarified the truth to him, he didn’t answer but intentionally questioned me: “Where is your home in China? You may still have relatives in China! Do you still receive a salary?” I replied to him in a loud voice: “Before you show me your credentials, you are not entitled to ask me such a question; also, it’s useless even if you have them in a foreign country.” He took his camera and was about to take a photo of me. At that time, I spoke loudly to him: “The photo you take is just for yourself, the photo I take of you can be seen by the whole world, it’s a big exposure, how wonderful it will be!” I grabbed my phone and was about to take a photo of him, when that man walked quickly onto the bus. Occurrences of this kind means that I still have the attachments to fear, fighting and complaining. I am telling the truth without compassion. Even though that was a warning to him, I was still moved and had no compassion.

The process of saving people with truth clarification is like the smelting and refining procedure in a huge furnace. This is the cultivation path we need to go on in saving people. Calming down and looking inward, I know the occurrence of these things must be related to my cultivation state. In front of so many tourists, I didn’t handle my emotions well, intended to speak all the truth, but couldn’t seize the key points, and had impatience; for some of those who would not quit the CCP and said dirty words, I didn’t hold tolerance and even shouted back to release my unhappiness. What I showed was unkindness with an attachment to grievance and fighting; I didn’t compassionately choose different facts for different people with the earnest wish to save him; on the contrary, I had the thought that my job is to tell you, it’s your own decision to quit or not. That is the mentality of passing the buck, doing things, and unkindness; sometimes it can be manifested as choosing only a kind-looking person to talk to. This is unrighteous, with fear etc., which is all caused by human thoughts.

To handle these attachments, I can only study the Fa more and change my notions. Master says in Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference:

“There is an increasing number of tourist groups from mainland China nowadays. This is an arrangement for people to hear the truth in a different setting. Our truth-clarification sites are, in fact, the front line—the front line for clarifying the truth.”

In the same teaching, Master also says:

“When someone heads abroad [from China], well, since he isn’t able to hear the truth while in China, isn’t he being directed to go overseas so that he can learn the truth? You can’t abandon these people. We must still do a good job of clarifying the truth at the tourist sites in each region.”

Master also says in Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan:

“Nothing is that simple, be it something seemingly minor, what thoughts someone has, or the wide array of people and things that you run into when you are clarifying the truth. But, it’s only acceptable when you go about things with compassion in your heart. Don’t be bothered when people have a certain attitude or misunderstandings. When you act just to save the person, to save sentient beings, then I think the impact of that can change everything.”

With constant Fa study, I improve my xinxing, find my shortcomings, change my notions, and also unlock the worry in my heart: “I moved here to save people; it’s my eternal vow to save people at this tourist site; it’s the mission and responsibility as a Dafa disciple. I should be kind and compassionate without human thoughts; I shouldn’t be moved; I should have righteous thoughts.”

One time, as a group of tourists were heading to their bus after lunch in a restaurant, I walked up to them to clarify the truth. The tour guide pushed me and held his arms horizontally to block me from getting closer to their bus. He said: “They are all my people; we won’t listen to what you say; we don’t want to hear or believe anything related to politics; please stay away from us, the farther the better.”

Then I reminded myself: “Don’t be moved; don’t be afraid of the shame; save him with compassion.” I cheerfully stepped forward and said: “Hello tour guide, I know this is not an easy job for everyone; a tour guide needs to work hard; it’s really not easy. There is nothing wrong to protect and take good care of your tourists, that is your concern and responsibility to them, I respect you. But do you know that, same as you, I also want them to be good?” The tour guide was about to get onto the bus but stopped there and said: “Then please speak.” The tension was released. I said: “You are very clever, it’s very obvious that the CCP is dictatorial and dominates everything. It has been brutally persecuting Falun Gong practitioners for more than a decade but prevents the Chinese from knowing the truth. The ‘Tiananmen self-immolation incident’ was crafted by the CCP to persecute Falun Gong; it dares not play it again, because this incident has been listed as the ‘Self-Immolation Hoax on Tiananmen Square’ by the International Education Development (IED) organization; it was directed by the CCP itself. In addition, the CCP uses every kind of brutal method to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, forcibly harvests their organs and then sells them at high prices; it has done all these outrageous acts; heaven will punish it with disasters, which is a retribution law of heaven.

“So, if you had the red scarf when you were young, or joined the party and its affiliation, you must have made the solemn vow to devote your life to it. As Chinese, we all know that it’s not an ordinary thing to make a vow; a vow has to be fulfilled; you are part of the CCP after the vow; you will be included in the retribution from heaven. So I’m working tirelessly to tell Chinese to withdraw the vow, then they can keep themselves safe. This is an act of benevolence and salvation. You will accumulate great virtue if all your people can quit the CCP. As a tour guide, you must have travelled everywhere. It’s even more important for you to relinquish that bad vow, not for the CCP but for yourself. On the final judgement day, you will realize how important it is. I will choose a name for you to quit the party and keep yourself safe, is this okay?” Without a word, he got onto the bus.

Several days later, at noon, a bus stopped somewhere close in front of me. The tour guide got out and walked up to me. “Hello auntie, what a coincidence to meet you again. I accept the words you said and the name you chose for me several days ago, thank you! Please don’t be angry with me. I shouldn’t have pushed you; I was out of my mind that day.” I replied: “That’s all right; I’m happy for you, you will be blessed; all this group will be blessed because of you.”

That guide spoke loudly to the tourists: “Hi! You can all get a name from this Falun Gong auntie (to quit the CCP)!” I stood in the middle of them and said loudly: “Hello everyone, we had the red scarf when we were young and joined the party and its affiliation, swore to devote our life to it. As Chinese we all know that is not a simple thing to swear, the vow will be fulfilled. The CCP is corrupt with all its official members involved in the embezzlement. Some of them even send their wives and children to enjoy life overseas, caring nothing about ordinary citizens. Things like fake products, fake food, fake milk are horrendous. The ‘Tiananmen self-immolation incident’ was crafted to persecute Falun Gong. They dare not to show it again, because it has been confirmed as the ‘Self-Immolation Hoax on Tiananmen Square’ by the International Education Development organization.

“What’s more, the most brutal act of the CCP is forcibly harvesting the organs of Falun Gong practitioners and selling them at high prices. So, heaven will eliminate the CCP shortly. If all of us hold a thought to quit the bad vow for joining the CCP, we will have a bright future. If calamity and disaster come, we will not be affected. Just accept by saying ‘okay’, and heaven will take care of us, because heaven is watching what we are doing. Is it okay for me to choose a name for you to relinquish the CCP vow?” I first asked one person to quit, he said: “I am not working for the CCP, my life is my own, so I will quit.” Others then followed to quit, in a short period, more than twenty people quit. Then the tour guide said: “Auntie, we are in a hurry, we need to go.” With his hand instruction, the group left gradually. All those people were saved. Thank you to Master for providing me with this benevolent opportunity to save people.

Our truth clarification site is one body. Practitioners who clarify the truth daily there cooperate very well. When one of us is telling the truth, the rest of us will quietly send forth righteous thoughts. Some other practitioners also frequently come here to do the exercises. When tourists come here, some say: “I don’t want to go when I hear your music, it’s really beautiful. If the Chinese government did not persecute Falun Gong, we would also join you to practise.” Quite often, we also see tourists coming here and shouting out the words: “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen-Shan-Ren is good.” The tourist guides also tell their tourists:“We will get together at the site of ‘Falun Dafa Hao’” or “We will get together at the site of Falun Gong.” This truth clarification site is a field of righteous thoughts.

One time, there were a huge number of tourists near the Eiffel Tower, all practitioners were busy with truth clarification. While I was speaking here, a group of people would pass there,feeling really anxious. Then, a little girl came to me: “Dear auntie, you are working so hard, walking around in the crowd. I heard what you say to them, I am a member of the CCP’s youth group, I would like to quit, please choose a name for me.” Accepting the name I chose, she then said: “Auntie, I disapproved of you when I first saw you, thinking that you were slandering China here and making it disgraceful for Chinese. I ignored you when you spoke to me.

But you spoke to these people on and on. Listening to what you said, I think it’s very reasonable, why should Chinese people work for the Communist Party? Why should we devote our life to a foreign party? Isn’t the party guiding us the wrong way? Isn’t this fooling Chinese? Anyone with even slight Chinese pride should quit.” This little girl quickly ran to the crowd and brought 4—5 people to me and said: “They are all my relatives, auntie, please also let them know.” Hearing what I said, they all easily agreed to quit and thanked me several times! That little girl asked me for several copies of the truth clarification newspaper (Zhen Xiang Bao), and spoke on her way: “Auntie, let me help you distribute them.” After giving all those papers out, she came back to me for a farewell, she said: “Auntie, I really want to hear more from you, but there is not much time and I need to go.” I said: “That’s all right, here is the web address of the software to get through China’s Internet censorship, you can use it to surf freely online. I also suggest you to read the book Zhuan Falun, your wisdom will be enriched if you read every day. You will know, why under the severe persecution from the CCP, tens of millions of Dafa disciples don’t care about their personal lives and cultivate to the end. Why don’t they care about hardship and clarify the truth at the risk of their life? Today, you helped me distribute the truth clarification newspapers and guided people to quit the CCP’s youth organisations, you are also accumulating virtue and saving people, you will be blessed.” She said: “Thank you auntie, I will check online.” She thanked me several times and left. Thanks, Master! When we were busy saving people, benevolent Master arranged for this little girl to help, this little girl and several others had all been saved. Thanks for the benevolence of Master.

On 28th March this year, some tourists quit the CCP after my truth clarification. They also expressed words from the bottom of their hearts. I would like to write them down and share with you.

After I clarified the truth to a man in his 60’s, he quit the CCP agreeably, and said to me: “I have been standing here for a long time, I can see that you are working very hard, walking here and there to tell these people; some of them are very good and express their gratitude to you; some of them wave their hand to reject you; some of them even verbally abuse you and reply with an angry face; but you always hold a smiling face and a peaceful mind without any anger, it’s not something that everyone can achieve. Please can I ask you, what are you aiming for? Why do you do things this way?” I replied: “The Falun Gong we practise is the high level great cultivation way of the Buddha school; we cultivate by following the three words ‘Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance)’; we come here every day to clarify the truth and ask for nothing; we only accumulate virtue, do good deeds and save people. In a village of Guizhou Province of China, there is a huge stone of more than 200 million years old, which broke apart 500 years ago. On the surface fracture there are six big Chinese characters ‘Chinese Communist Party Will Perish (中国共产党亡)’. Please think about it, is this a coincidence? This is providence. Since it usurped the state power of China in 1949, the CCP has killed more than 80 million Chinese by various movements. Now, it even forcibly harvests the organs of Falun Gong practitioners for high profit, committing a debt impossible to repay. Consequently, heaven will destroy it. Our Master asks his disciples to save the sentient beings at this perilous time, which is the biggest compassion to human beings. We are just doing that at the risk of our own lives. Cultivating ourselves and saving sentient beings are what we want.” Speaking of this, I noticed that tears appeared in his eyes. He choked with sobs: “I’m totally clear now. I’m a scholar, I have written books before and published some articles, which are all singing the praises of the CCP. I have also written something about my true feeling and understanding but that was not allowed to be published; I then stopped. I am very clear about the crimes of the CCP. Today, what I have seen and heard touched my heart deeply. I have several words, please pass them to your colleagues here. Your hardship, your suffering, and the humiliation and suppression you received will not be in vain. That is your merits and virtues, known by both heaven and earth. Falun Gong, as such a big moral project for me, is extraordinary. Please remember: there will be a day that people all over the world will be proud of the existence of ‘Falun Gong’.” Then both of us had tears in our eyes.

He was quite excited: “Falun Gong is great; your Master is great. What you have done will be recorded and passed down in history.” I was also very excited and replied: “Thanks for your righteous speech. You have good inborn quality and will be blessed!” He said: “Thank you for this.” I followed: “Here is the software for you to get through the Internet censorship in China. You can safely surf online with it. I also suggest to you to read our treasured book for cultivation Zhuan Falun. It’s a book from heaven. Reading it repeatedly, you will benefit a lot.” He accepted it with delight:“I will definitely read it. Thanks! Thank you for the honest conversation with me today!” I replied: “Please thank my Master!”

Above are the several impressive cases from my truth clarification activities. Every day I can see the exciting and grateful expressions of those that have been saved after quitting the CCP. Some of them would shake hands with me; some of them would hold their hand in front in gratitude; some of them would heshi to thank me. Seeing that, I just feel there are more people to be saved. Of course, every day, I will also encounter those who speak rudely, verbally abuse me, push me by hand. For those cases, I was moved and had tears before. Those can all be gradually dissolved in Fa study, allowing me to gradually get rid of the mentalities of fighting, complaining, looking down upon others, saving face, indignation, doing things, zealotry, etc. I think that as a Dafa disciple in the Fa rectification period, we should listen to Master’s words to study more Fa, save more people, embrace everything, shoulder the responsibility for people in danger, and cultivate ourselves in the process of truth clarification. That is the way we need to go.

Finally, I quote a sentence from Master to end this sharing and also as a mutual encouragement for practitioners: “Everywhere shines the Buddha’s light; Just and proper, setting things right”, (Hong Yin, “Harmonizing the Fa”) If you notice anything improper, please kindly point it out. Thank you, Master! Thanks, fellow practitioners!

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