DAUPHINEL LIBERE ( France): The Falun Gong Family of Chi Jian Returns to France


French newspaper ,Dauphinel Libere, reported on Sept. 11 that upon arrival at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, Chi Jian's family confirmed that their practice of Falun Gong is the main reason they got into trouble in China.

Since early August, the friends of Chi Jian's family have been fighting for the safe return of Jian, Sun Fenglong (wife) and Yifan (daughter). They were detained in Inner Mongolia due to their practice of Falun Gong.

In the afternoon of Sept. 10, they returned to Grenoble and their own home via Paris. Today at the University of Pierre Mend France, Jian and his family will hold a press conference detailling their dangerous holiday.

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