Achieving Selflessness Through Solid Cultivation

By observing practitioners around me and reading experience-sharing articles, I noticed many cases related to illness karma, with some even leading to death. It seems that many of the practitioners involved were confused. As I see it, this happens because one ignores solid cultivation.

I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997, but it was not until a few years ago that I really began to think over the issue of genuine cultivation.

Remembering the many years of my cultivation I realized that I always avoided issues and did not want to address problems. For me, only doing the three things mattered. As a result, the problems accumulated, making me unable to find a path forward.

When I finally began reflecting on my cultivation journey, I noticed that while studying the Fa, I learned the theories but did not apply them to my day-to-day activities.

Changing Mindset
I used to to be attached to finding Fa-principles, always trying to accumulate the knowledge of more principles than other practitioners. I realized in 2012 that instead of competing with other practitioners, it would be beneficial to really act according to the Fa. Thus, I always tried my best and gradually came to understand better what cultivation practice really is all about.

In the past, I often thought about how to do more Dafa related things, such as going to Beijing to validate the Fa, as well as getting involved in projects that were for making people aware of Dafa. Despite my efforts I encountered many issues, from physical and financial problems to being arrested by police. As I look back, I did not really know what true cultivation entails.

I awakened to the truth after 2012. With a clear mind of what I was doing, I encountered fewer tribulations.

Elevating Through Cultivation
Suppose we improve through cultivation practice and achieve selflessness to some extent. The criterion is to let go of selfishness, not the speed at which we proceed or the path we take. This tells me that for each improvement the practitioner has to meet a higher standard.

Master said:

“... thus Dafa is being spread in the world to save all beings, so disciples who are genuinely cultivating have the responsibility to save all beings.”(“A Congratulatory Message to the Argentina Fa Conference”)

We should not just focus on doing things, since our cultivation state is critical. Only by doing all three things well can we make real progress.

I encountered several occasions in which things were chaotic and I could not find a way out. In the end, I decided to give up my own notions and be fully immersed in the Fa. With that thought, the situation changed, my mind became clear, and I could focus my attention on truly studying the Fa. My physical condition also improved.

Eliminate Attachments and Notions

Master said,

“I can tell you all that the difference lies in just that one thought; the difference between humans and gods is that one thought. If you can let it go, you are a cultivator; if you can’t, you are a human being.”(Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston)

In the past, my understanding of being diligent in cultivation meant working hard. Now, I know that we have to eliminate attachments and human notions.

Thus, I will often ask myself if I let go of my attachments? Have I let go of selfishness?

It is true that we have to get involved in projects and tell people about Falun Dafa. But, we have to assure that we focus on attachments and notions and do not forget to cultivate ourselves. This includes that we consider our motivation and attitude towards the Fa.

After all, we cultivate ourselves according to the Fa and not to seek rewards. Rather, it is to achieve selflessness. That means, we need to maintain righteous thoughts and look at things based on the Fa.

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