The Magnificent Feats--the "SOS Rescue Walk"

The "SOS Rescue Walk" is an opportunity to provide the clear picture of Falun Dafa, to expose the evil, and to enable people to distinguish between good and evil.
I feel encouraged by those Falun Dafa practitioners who take part in the "SOS Rescue Walk." Although I did not take part in the rescue walk, my mind was full of the magnificent feats.

On August 18th, the Falun Dafa practitioners in Zurich launched the rescue walk, while the practitioners in "SOS" t-shirts from Bern saw them off, attending the media conference, unfolding the Falun Dafa banners and displaying the Falun Dafa pictures. Along the rescue walk, Silvan, one of the practitioners in Zurich, used his amplifier to tell us in three languages the aim of the rescue walk--that is, to clarify the truth and to expose the evil. His voice reached as far as the sky, overriding the noise of city traffic. His voice, in expectation of people's awareness of truth, called for people's benevolence to support Falun Gong, to support its persecuted practitioners. His voice echoed the Falun Gong principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The passers-by on the streets, shoppers in the shopping mall, those in the coffee shops or at the food stands stopped to listen attentively to Silvan's speech. They paid attention to our displaying pictures, accepting the distributed SOS materials. Some of them showed their empathy, others waved their hands to us to express their respect, and still others shook our hands warmly. A middle-aged lady said she had great empathy with our persecuted practitioners, and expressed her support for Falun Gong, she walked the "SOS Rescue Walk" for two hours. Also, a reporter accompanied us, taking photographs continuously; not until we approached the suburbs did he leave us.

The practitioners from Bern had walked with the practitioners in Zurich for more than ten kilometres, unwilling to leave. The next day we first provided relief for the practitioners from St.Gallen who had already walked for 218 kilometers and then for the practitioners from Zurich and Basel. Seeing them, I was overwhelmed. Their feet were swollen and bleeding; some of them were hobbling, but still insisted on walking the whole journey. Sometimes they just had one meal a day and sometimes they spent the night in makeshift shelters, but they did not relent. Keeping in mind the persecuted practitioners in China, they stepped forward on their swollen and bleeding feet. Along their whole journey, they spread the Fa (prinicples of Falun Gong), providing a clear picture of Falun Dafa for the public and governments.

At every stop, regardless of their fatigue, they visited local officials and reporters. In the newspapers there were articles and photos about the "SOS Rescue Walk;" from the radios flowed out the voices of practitioners spreading Falun Dafa to clarify the truth and to expose the evil. (The radio station had agreed to let the practitioners deliver a seven-minute impromptu speech.) On TV there were reports about Falun Gong activities. The heads from all departments gave the practitioners a warm reception. Touched by the deeds of the practitioners, some of the heads proposed to circulate the Dafa and "SOS" materials around their departments. The others sent souvenirs to the practitioners. Moreover, the other chiefs attached the "SOS" stickers to their cars and buses for nothing; furthermore, the mayors invited the practitioners to lunch. Through spreading of the Fa, clarification of the truth and exposure of the evil, some of them originally with a distorted perception of Falun Gong came to realize the truth of Falun Gong. Wherever the practitioners went, the locals offered them fruit and drinks, the drivers blew their horns to express their support, some signalled support with their V hand gesture and some shouted out their support and good wishes for Falun Gong.

A Falun Dafa practitioner in Switzerland

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